When I heard that Trifoglio Italia is about to release a new collection, I asked… What’s it called, and Alessandro Baldieri (the brand owner) said… “Mate“… i’m like “Ya…?” and no response after that… And I asked again, so what’s it called and again he replied “Mate“… and it’s like a bang to my head when I finally understood, it’s called M8, an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that means Mate. A cool idea to name your trusty device on your wrist as “Mate“… afterall, to us watch enthusiastic, we know we can trust our “Mate” for time, day and date.

Alessandro Baldieri then loaned me 3 versions of the M8 to hands on them to write a review about ’em. I was glad he sent me 3 different versions with 3 different strap types as I had the opportunity to fully mix & match accordingly to my attire. If you have not heard of Trifoglio Italia, then here are some of the hands-on review I have written previously :

Technical Specifications of M8 :

  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Case Thickness: 7mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Crystal: Acrylic Curved
  • Movement: Seiko VH31 Sweeping second hand
  • Strap/Lug Size: 20mm
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM

After a few weeks wearing ’em during at work and out for fun on weekends, here’s what I am about to write in detail about the watch…

Case : Just like all of their previous collections, the quality of the built is excellent with similar brush / polishing finishing as well. It also has the similar slim push-pull crown to their other collections, which makes it a robust case design and if you already owned any of their watches, then re-using the straps is definitely possible and matches accordingly due to the same lug-width of 20mm. On the top of the case it’s protected with a curved out acrylic crystal while on the back of the case, since it’s not an automatic so no exhibition caseback required here with simple description of the model on it.

Dial : I was loaned all 3 different colour dials and I must say, each of the colour choice has its’ own positivity to it. The matte off-white enamel looks like creamy beige which offers a semi formal look, the matte black enamel gives a formal feel while the matte burgundy enamel shouts adventurous and bold. Out of the 3 colours, I really like the burgundy colour because it’s not too red to my dislike nor it’s not too pinkish to my manly self esteem but a nice middle-ground of not too dark and not too bright. The hour markers are longer than the norm that I’ve seen with the hour number printed closer to the center and with each minute round markers between ’em by the ring. The blue second hand is really an ideal choice of colour chosen as it goes perfectly well with all 3 dial colours. However, there are no lumes on hands and markers, but commonly you don’t need ’em on dress watches. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dial, and luckily no date feature on it !

Strap : The 3 straps that I got was a leather nato, mesh bracelet and 2 piece leather strap. The mesh and 2 piece leather comes with built-in quick release pin, swapping straps made easy without any tool required. The nato strap is a high grade Italian Saddle and it’s similar to the 2 piece leather strap. As for the mesh bracelet, it gives the watch an edgy feel which goes nicely under the cuff. I can say that all 3 straps were of high quality and definitely complement each dial accordingly depending on dress code or occasion.

Watch Pouch : Yup, every M8 comes in a cool soft watch pouch that you can bring around for travel or fit into your everyday bag, pouch or handbag. The pouch also fits my glasses nicely too… so another way to use the pouch that comes along with it…

Conclusion : Finally, what do I think about the new “M8” ? Honestly, I would have prefer if it was automatic movement, but I understand why they decided to go with quartz, so that they can offer an affordable price of US$195 – US$235) to challenge the likes of DW and other similar dress watch brand in the same price range. Trifoglio Italia is not a new brand, hence you need not worry about the brand’s credibility and I feel they are always trying to create watches that speaks truly about their passion in watchmaking. If you wish to find out more about them and if you are either Singapore or Europe (Spain, Greece or UK), you can reach out to them as the owners are based in both regions.