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    Microbrand Watch World is a community focused site that promotes crowd funded and micro watch brands.

    MBWW provides a space for fans to interact with brands directly and support this growing segment of the watch industry. We review watches, interview brand owners and present the best active projects in regular Kickstarter roundups.

    Our view into the world of watchmaking microbrands is ready for you, our cherished readers!

    We know for a fact that the passion for watchmaking is growing. This is because so many people are approaching this somewhat mysterious world that offers, in addition to the big brands known to everyone, an incredible variety of smaller, lesser-known manufacturers who often offer great quality and mind-blowing designed timepieces at a reasonable price.

    What we like to call “works of love.”
    Because in some, the passion of the people doing it is really evident, so much so that it becomes contagious. And it is so infectious that it has managed to infect, in a good way, us as well.

    So, if you, too, find yourself wanting to discover, like explorers, all this fauna composed of lesser-known but equally fascinating watches, MBWW is here for you, and it wants to become the go-to site for this beautiful and exciting niche of watchmaking.

    So whether you are a manufacturer who wants to publicize your “labor of love” or just a fan of less common watches, this space is made for you and is waiting for nothing more than your news, comments, and questions.

    You can also post your project on the /r/MicrobrandWatches subreddit and on our Facebook Page.

    So, feel free to contact us at our email address info@microbrandwatchworld.com and write about your questions and dreams.
    If you would like MBWW to feature your brand or project please get touch to discuss the options. Who knows, they might always come true sooner or later!

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