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Microbrand Watch World is a community focused site that promotes crowd funded and micro watch brands.

MBWW provides a space for fans to interact with brands directly and support this growing segment of the watch industry. We review watches, interview brand owners and present the best active projects in regular Kickstarter roundups.

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Review – Pantor Nautilus

Pantor is a recently introduced watch brand that specializes exclusively in dive watches. Currently there are five lines of dive watches sold within Pantor; the Sea Turtle, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Seal and now the Nautilus.

Review – Stoic Sports Watch

Recently I reviewed The Chronograph from STOIC, a new microbrand started by the well known English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin.  Currently there are three watches in the STOIC line and for this review I have the STOIC Sports watch, which as the name indicates, is designed for sporting activities. 

Review – NOWA Shaper Smart Watch

NOWA is a relatively new watch brand in a category that is best described as the hybrid smart watch or smart travel watch. In this case the watch looks like a conventional minimalist analog watch, but when linked to your smart phone with Bluetooth the watch can do many things that not too long ago did not exist to a timekeeping device worn on the wrist.

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