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Microbrand Watch World is a community focused site that promotes crowd funded and micro watch brands. MBWW provides a space for fans to interact with brands directly and support this growing segment of the watch industry. We review watches, interview brand owners and present the best active projects in regular Kickstarter roundups.

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Gentlemanly-Inspired: V1-Gent by G.W. Review

The wiki term Gentleman refers to any man of good, courteous conduct. However, from the The Gentleman Blogger, Mr. Matthew Zorpas quoted “A gentleman is a knowledge-seeking individual who desires to live a rich life and has attention to detail.

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First Dip Hands-On Review for Regia Diver (code name : Armour Fish)

For a small country like Singapore, there seem to be a growing number of microbrands in the watch industry today, brands such as Zelos, Ventus, Vilhelm, Dievas and many others. Another brand that has been in the market for a few years is Regia Timepieces. We look at their upcoming release, the Armour Fish.

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Memorigin Star Wars Kylo Ren Tourbillon

It never ceases to amaze me the different or new types of watches that can be found on the market. Memorigin, a Hong Kong based brand, is generally acknowledged as the first to offer Chinese made tourbillons exclusively in their line of watches.

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