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About Microbrand Watch World

Microbrand Watch World is a community focused site that promotes crowd funded and micro watch brands.

MBWW provides a space for fans to interact with brands directly and support this growing segment of the watch industry. We review watches, interview brand owners and present the best active projects in regular Kickstarter roundups.

If you would like MBWW to feature your brand or project please get touch to discuss the options.

You can also post your project on the /r/MicrobrandWatches subreddit and on our Facebook Page.

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Was there really a need for MicroBrand Watch World?

The world of watches, especially mechanical watches, has seen a significant development in recent years. Why no one really knows, and perhaps, no one cares.

What interests instead is the result. And if you are here reading this article, you have been there too. Legions and legions of brand bearers magnify the virtues of their Rolexes or Patek Philippes and often regard everything else with a sort of disdain. Instead, those with the patience and curiosity to go a little deeper discover an unexpected world made of small brands with big ambitions. Made of people who believe in it and who want to make a contribution to writing a page, or just a single paragraph, of the great history of world watchmaking.

They are the crazy ones, the dreamers, the guerrillas, the new heroes. They are the ones who create what is put under the category of “microbrands:” small brands with big dreams. They are people who want to give something that they feel is not present in watchmaking from the more established tradition.

Exactly as happens in nature, Darwin’s law does the rest. Some of these new brands go under the radar, like ships sailing in the dark of the night. And then some manage to break through, becoming a world-renowned phenomenon. And let’s take just one example, which is that of MING, the Malaysian etablisseur, which from the tam-tam of a slice of enthusiasts has become one of the world’s most highly acclaimed companies, having won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, under the “outsider” category with its (beautiful) 17.06 Copper.

Had it not been for Ming Thein, the patron of MING, and his fellow watchmaking enthusiasts, the world we love would not have known about this watch with its graphic, post-industrial style, which comes not from the Vallée de Joux but directly from Kuala Lumpur, even though the timepieces are the result of a global collaboration between the antipodes of the world.

And that, dear lancet friends, is the meaning of our site, as well as a small summary of the spirit that animates it. We want to go out into the world to bring to your knowledge the new trends in watchmaking because that is what an enthusiast website should do. Everything else, excuse us so much, is marketing by the big Maisons, and we care much less about launching a new project that is little known but has great potential.

So, this you will find in our articles. You will not find Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. Not because we don’t like them, mind you: but we think there is more worth discovering. And because the beauty of watchmaking is that you can find excellent timepieces even without spending a fortune. And we want to do just that.

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