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In recent years, watches shows are experiencing a new youth. Some of the most important watch fairs are in deep crisis, and some shut down permanently, due to the pandemic; however, many small events, in contrast, emerged recently and are doing quite well, attracting more and more audiences and exhibitors. These events involve professional and enthusiast audiences; moreover, in these watch events, micro-brands also find their place alongside established or long-standing watchmaking Maisons. So let’s have a closer look at these events, in chronological order, in 2023.

The growth to which the watchmaking world has been subjected has amazed many, even industry experts. Above all, it has surprised the large number of new brands coming to the forefront of the global watchmaking scene. The phenomenon of microbrands, which are taking the place of the old fashion watch brands, is a growing trend, and events dedicated to them are increasing across the globe. And the launch of the Chicago edition of the WindUp Watch Fair is part of this ongoing phenomenon.