Following up from their last release of Radio City, Trifoglio Italia is back with 3 new models for 2017 and they are Voyager, Radio City II and Millimetro. In today’s hands-on review, I had the opportunity to have my hands on their first batch of Millimetro (Rose Gold case with Black Dial) and wore it on my wrist during my 10 days summer trip to Japan. It was also very easy to mix-&-match the watch with my summer outfit as Trifoglio Italia designed all its’ nato, leather and mesh strap to easily fit onto their other models. So luckily for me, as the owner of their Radio City, I could reuse some of the nato strap from them and easily swap whenever I’m feeling the need to change the outlook. If you haven’t read my previous review of the Radio City, here’s a quick introduction by the brand owner himself, Mr. Alessandro Baldieri in both English & Italian version :

ALESSANDRO BALDIERI founder and designer of the brand Trifoglio Italia with an architecture background challenged himself to design dream watch he has long thought about and finally able to put together. MILLIMETRO represents style with a twist of a complicated design but easy to read watch making people start a conversation in the room.

ALESSANDRO BALDIERI fondatore e stilista del marchio Trifoglio Italia con un passato in architettura ha sfidato se stesso nel creare l’orologio del suo sogno che con tanto sforzo alla fine e’ riuscito a realizzare. MILLIMETRO rappresenta un pizzico di disegno complicato e facile da leggere facendo parlare di se in una conversazione di salotto.

Technical Specifications of the Millimetro : 

  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 8mm (Excludes Domed Crystal)
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Crystal: Acrylic Domed
  • Dial: 3 Independent Rotating Discs
  • Movement: Miyota 8215 (Automatic)
  • Strap/Lug Size: 20mm
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM
  • Warranty: 2 years

I have always been an admirer of Alessandro Baldieri’s work on watches and sometimes I do keep in touch with brand owners on their updates. In one of my chats with the man himself, Mr. Baldieri, he was generously enough to share his upcoming Millimetro concept to me during the prototyping phase. The amount of detailing he put, even to the minor details of the dial, he only accepts perfection on results and because of this, Millimetro had undergone many months of delay due to changes of the design, concept and even to the prototyping samples not meeting his standards. Now that’s professionalism at work and keeping true to his philosophy, “uncompromising in quality”. That’s a brief history (behind the scenes) of Millimetro before it’s mass produced and available for sale today directly on their website. From my previous experience with Radio City, I had no doubt that the Millimetro will live up to its’ expectations or better.

On to what I think about the Millimetro after my trip to Japan, It’s a fun watch for weekend or holiday, and it’s also a serious dress watch on weekday to work. The size of the case was designed to be unisex fitting and because of its’ flexibility to suit different occasions, Trifoglio Italia have added a new “tan” colour leather strap into its’ collection as well as adding stainless steel mesh bracelet to match the serious and formal occasion. With these new choices, it makes it even harder to decide which colour to go for, where there are now 78 different possibilities from the 3 different colour dial by 3 different case colour and followed by the variety of straps. Check it out at Trifoglio’s website and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now onto the dial. It’s made of 3 rotating disk where the most outer layer (closer to the case) is the hour, followed by minute in the middle and lastly closest to the center of the dial is the second disk. Because the watch is inspired by millimetre, and keeping to its’ original design, the hour disk not only display the hours, but also a 15 minutes interval between the hour markers for quick estimation of time. The minute marker indicates a 5 minutes interval between each minute marker and its’ font is large enough to tell. As for the second disk, it’s a simple numbered of 5 seconds interval to the next. Overall, I really like how the design of the dial has been well thought off where it looks very complicated from the hour disk, but moving to the minute disk it is less busy and lastly to the second disk, which is simple yet precise. To complete the time indicator, a clip design painted under the dome crystal provides the final touch of telling time through the Millimetro.

I really like how the 3 rotating disk are aligned flat with minimal gap in between each disk. And to top it all, the engine underneath is powered by a Japanese Miyota 8215 automatic movement. Overall, it’s interestingly enough to get me looking at my watch for time, and that’s a good sign since nearly everyone of us owns a smartphone and we rely heavily on it to tell time accurately. And as a conclusion to my review, travelling with the new Millimetro was fun because it’s light on my wrist and it was so easy to match my attire by swapping the nato strap accordingly in less than 15 seconds without any tool. Will end the review with some of the famous lakes in Hokkaido 🙂 below…