Every watch design comes from an inspiration, and the birth of Veloce is no different as it was inspired and is reminiscent of the authentic models of Italian supercars of the 50snamely the Ferrari and the Fiat – two Italian masterpieces, and also of Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Bertone Pinninfarina, and many more. Ferrari stands as one of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive cars of all time and the Fiat 500 (the “cinquecento” from the Italian word for “500”) is the celebrated, purpose-designed car that became the embodiment of ‘La Dolce Vita’ (translates from the Italian as ‘the sweet life’), and that has now become a cult object and icon.

And it’s not just all about the Ferrari or Fiat 500… Veloce, in fact, is a deeply personal and long-anticipated project of Alessandro Baldieri, Creative Designer and Founder of Trifoglio Italia, also a keen car enthusiast. He revealed: “As a boy growing up in Italy, my father loved and collected supercars. I would spend countless summer days watching him and his friends care for and work on their beloved cars, taking them for drives, races and revere them over coffees and smokes. Priceless memories like these simply cannot be bought. Since then, I have achieved my childhood dream of owning my own prized cars. But the quest for Veloce is far more symbolic – designing this watch was my reinterpretation of those unforgettable years.”  


What is Veloce all about ?

  • Case Material : 316L Stainless Steel in brushed finishing
  • Crystal : Acrylic Domed
  • Case Thickness : ~9mm (Excludes Domed Crystal)
  • Case Diameter : 42mm
  • Lug to Lug : ~48mm
  • Movement : Miyota 8215 (Automatic)
  • Strap / Lug Size : 20mm
  • Strap : Italian Racing Nappa Leather
  • Dial : Rotating discs luminous for hour and minute with a red second hand combination
  • Water resistance : 5ATM

My First Impression of Veloce ?


What I like about it :

  • The dial. It is truly inspired by the speedometer of the iconic Italian cars.
  • The strap quality is so comfortable on my wrist because of the overall texture being soft. I also like how the stitching matches the dial and the racing theme strap design goes so well together with the overall watch design.
  • The size is just perfect for both him & her, eventhough it’s 42mm in diameter, but rest assure it fits nicely when I’m on my dress suit…
  • The movement may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I felt it does its’ job ok. And for the price point (I’ll get to that later…) I think this is definitely a deal not to miss.
  • The combination of discs and hand in a single dial.
  • And finally… the price. Yes, I was told by Trifoglio Italia that they plan to launch Veloce on kickstarter soon and it will be below US$200 ! Yup, that’s right…

What could have been better ? This is just my opinion…

  • There isn’t much to complain about this watch except for the minute disk where I would have preferred that the brand and model would stay fix rather than rotating together with the minute disk.
  • Maybe an iconic Ferrari or a Fiat 500 car picture on the caseback ?

Before I move on to my detailed review, I came across an interesting inspiration quote, which is what I felt when Alessandro designed Veloce.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that’s creativity.”


Case : Let’s start with the 42mm stainless steel in brushed finishing. The quality of the build is excellent, with a combination of brush and polish finishing to my view. The slim push / pull crown is easy to manage with my slightly large Asian fingers and smooth when making time adjustment. The other advantage of this sort of crown is that you need not unscrew the crown to wind the movement. The caseback is somewhat simple but yet has the necessary information you need to know about the watch where movement 8215, 5 ATM water resistance, the branding, model is engraved around it. The thickness of ~ 9mm may not be the slimmest watch out there, but it definitely tucks in nicely under my working attire. I also like how the minor details about the crystal being chosen for such vintage models where an acrylic domed made more sense than a sapphire crystal surface.


Dial : Looking into the dial of a “Veloce” (fast, speedy in Italian) is like spiralling into the world of timeless automobiles to the heart stopping speed of track racing. When I was introduced of Veloce, I had to do some googling about the 1950s car especially Fiat 500, which inspired the clean precision and functionality of the speedometer and tachometer of these cars. The 2 rotating discs which features black and aged white hour and minute markers (and vice-versa for the other dial option), combined with the red second hand needle, making it truly a speedometer inspiration design everytime I looked at it. Even when the second hand needle sweeps every second, it gives an illusion that the speedometer is accelerating ! I also like how there is a thin red line printed underneath 12 oclock positioning of the acrylic domed glass to display the time more accurately. 

Strap : There are 2 type of straps being offered, which is black with red stitching and light tan with beige stitching. I opted mine the light tan strap as it matches the dial perfectly as seen. Each strap, measuring at 20mm lug width, is crafted from leather sourced from Florence, Italy and that is why it’s so soft and comfortable to wear it on my wrist. Sometimes I do tend to forget I had a watch on my wrist as it was that comfy. 

Overall Conclusion To My Hands-On Review

If you are looking for a dress watch that is different from a norm, a vintage old school kinda guy (like myself) and loves cars, then this is the watch for you ! You will not regret this purchase especially with the price point expected to be below US$200 when it’s launch on Kickstarter. A lot of details have been put in place and the effort to combine both discs and hands in a single dial ensuring no misalignment is definitely not an easy task, but like what I mentioned earlier, it may look simple but it’s actually ‘making the complicated simple’ and kudos to Alessandro & Team for the creativity ! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Trifoglio Italia and Monster Time Gallery for introducing and getting myself dirty with Veloce to review, and if any of you are in Singapore, please do check MTG out as they are based in Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Here are some amazing photoshoot taken by Trifoglio Italia :