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If we turn back for a moment and contemplate our past, even just 20 years, we discover how much everything has changed. We live in a contemporary world where 30-something billionaires in flip-flops and t-shirts run global companies, and most meetings take place online from the quiet ambient of our homes. So, what good is a dress watch today in a place where all codes – dress and social – have been revolutionized?

oday we are going to review the best American made watches you can find on the market, according to the different budgets and the activities you require from your timepiece. Some brands are well-known, other brands are new, but all are innovative in design and features.

A considerable part of the exchanges is composed of secondhand watches, or as they are often called, second-wrist watches, that are bought and sold among enthusiasts and traders who specialize in this field. So let’s see what it is and how to deal with it together!