I have always been a fan of watches that are either designed interestingly “out of the box” or built characteristically with a “wow factor“. Vilhelm is one of the brands that I have supported since the start of their brand back in 2016 through a double combo of The Elemental on Kickstarter. However, long story short, the 2 watches was sent to my brother’s office in Malaysia and his business partner was keen with it, hence was given away without me having a chance to play with. 2 years passed, Vilhelm launched their 2nd model – Talos, but I was not financially ready to support this round as I was busy with my own brand as well eventhough I always had my regrets of not having the opportunity to own it. After a few months of its’ release to the backers, I was fortunate enough to found a deal I can’t resist in the market and hence I jumped to it immediately. Finally, behold… the Talos Grey Skull on my wrist… (though my first choice would have been the White Skull, but beggars can’t be choosers right ?)

Before I proceed with my review, here’s a fun fact on why this model was named “Talos“. It was named from a popular 60’s movie called Jason & the Argonauts by one of Vilhelm customer and the name stuck onto the brand owner’s mind, hence the birth of Talos.

So, let’s go over the technical specifications…

    • Case Diameter : 43mm
    • Case Thickness : 14.5mm
    • Case Width : 24mm
    • Lug to Lug : 50mm
    • Case Material : Combinaton of bronze, forged carbon and steel
    • Bezel : CuSn8 bronze with brushed and matte finishing
    • Glass : Sapphire Crystal
    • Crown : Screw-down and lume spartan helmet logo
    • Water Resistance : 500m
    • Movement : Swiss Sellita SW200
    • Lume : BGW9 on hands and floating chapter ring

So what’s my quick summary and first impression of it…

  • I love watches with skull, don’t ask me why but I just love ’em. So the skull version on the watch is definitely a plus point for me.
  • I like how the design of the crossbone is well balanced at the 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock position of the dial. So, even without any hour indexes on the dial, I still am able to guess the timing much more accurately.
  • The colour of the hands choice matches perfectly with the grey & black dial together with the bronze case. It’s like a 2 tone watch combination.
  • There were 3 straps included – Kevlar and 2 rubber straps. I think the straps are very good and fitted on my wrist nicely.

Here’s my detailed review of Vilhelm Talos Grey Skull :

Case : To achieve what Vilhelm has created, kudos to Nop & Elshan for bold and audacious decision to combine 3 elements into a case. It’s not everyday you can see a watch made from bronze, forged carbon and stainless steel. I really like how the crown stands out especially with the spartan logo on the side that lumes. The size of the case is just nice on my wrist and I like how manly the watch made me, and it’s because of the construction of the design that somehow makes the watch looked bolder.

Dial : Well, what can I say… I just like skulls. So this dial really stands out as compared to the rest of the other dial version. I also like the simplicity of the dial, with just the skull on the center of it and with no hour indexes. My only regret was the skull couldn’t lume unlike the white skull version. Probably wish there are some parts of it would just lume up, maybe like the side edges to show the skull design, rather than the whole skull lume.

Caseback : Macho ! That’s how I would describe the caseback, displaying a warrior (Talos) stamped at the center protecting and defending the watch from any harm. However, I would have prefer if it was titanium instead of stainless steel which was previously on the 1st model – The Elemental.

Strap & Buckle : The 3 straps that came with the package are really good quality. I like how the back of the rubber strap and side of the buckle is stamped with the Spartan helmet. However, like may other rubber straps, this tend to attract dust easily but no complaints here as the watch is meant to be tough ! So what harm could a dust do onto your wrist… right ? As for the buckle, it comes in bronze and may not be really fitting to someone who has sensitive skin especially towards patina process on it. I would have gone for probably a titanium or ip rose gold or ip black stainless steel buckle.

Overall Conclusion To My Hands-On Review

After a few years, finally I am able to hands-on the watch I knew had many great potentials and I was right to supported them in the early days (eventhough I couldn’t get my hands on ’em earlier). Overall, Talos didn’t disappoint me and it really met my high expectations from it (after the positive reviews from other owners on forums and facebook groups). A big kudos to both Nop and Elshan on the macho, masculine and manly brand & watches… I can’t wait what they have planned for their next model and how they will up their ante after a very successful 2 models – The Elemental and Talos.