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The watch community have been very helpful to me when I first launched my co-owned brand Kaal Watch recently during the global pandemic of COVID19. As a watch brand owner, I felt that it was important to spread the word around especially as a new brand in the market and it’s no different with Timeless Watch, being a new brand launching their first collection, HMS.

The Peren Hintz is the 3rd release from Andy Bica. Staying true to the Transylvanian inspiration and heritage of Peren, The Hintz is a tribute to the work of Eugen Hintz, one of the most respected and successful watchmakers in 1900’s Transylvania.

Before the whole covid19 / coronavirus epidemic went out of hand, I was lucky enough to meet up with Mr. Akshay Solomon, the co-founder of Audric Watches, a new brand from Singapore that would be joining the Microbrand Watch industry with their first Swiss made model – Seaborne 500 that is planned for 2nd June launch via Kickstarter.