Hello to All of you Watch Enthusiast around the globe.

Aeonic Watch Company is created by Levi Neely. He live somewhere in South Carolina, US and is very enthusiastic about his “baby”, Kairos watch. As he did say: “We have designed a watch here in the US that meets extremely high quality standards. Each timepiece is hand inspected prior to being shipped to you. We want to make a watch that you can be proud to wear and that will last for generations to come, but that won’t break the bank.” So, let’s check what he is talking about.

First, I think he done solid job with designing this watch, and I’m not joking about that. It has nice and sleek appearance with thickness of only 10.5mm overall and 39mm in diameter without the crown. Here are a few facts and specs.


  • 39mm 316L gold PVD case
  • 20mm between lugs and 42mm from lug to lug
  • 10.5mm thickness with double domed Sapphire crystal glass on top and Anti-Reflective coating
  • Seiko VH31A quartz movement with 4 tick in second (as one of my friends refer, robotic quartz tick)
  • 50m water resistant (5ATM)
  • Leather strap 112mm+73mm with gold PVD buckle (black or red) with quick release pins
  • Leather travel pouch big enough for one watch and additional leather strap.

Dial is black and made in sunburst technique, clean but not simple and empty. Hour indexes are painted, thin and white, with SuperLumiNova lumed dots at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and same lume applied on minute and hour hands, but without date window complication. At 12 o’clock is logo and Aeonic inscription. There are two dial options, black, which are here, and white, which is reviewed by one of my colleagues, Alvin Lew.

Case is 39mm in diameter and PVD in old gold colour. Top of case is fine, almost satin brushed with circular motion. Sides are brushed vertically but with more “strength” which are stretch to lugs too. Lover, bevelled part of case is fine sand blasted. All in all, nice differences from each angle you check the watch. Lugs are very elegant, curved and thin. If you check previous review of Alvin Lew, you will notice that there are also two more case colours, black PVD and silver but all cases are made from 316L stainless steel.

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Crown is placed at 4 o’clock, have same PVD colour as case and dimensions are 5mm in diameter and 2.5mm wide. On top of crown is laser engraved Aeonic logo. I find one very odd problem with that crown. Regarding my wrist size, if I wear watch on my left hand at usual position, close to palm, then the crown hits the skin and leaves the impression on it. In case of smaller wrist or wearing on right wrist, no such problem occurs.

Back case is clean, silver and made from 316L stainless steel, screwed with 6 screws to case. In the middle is engraved logo and Aeonic inscription with watch name, Kairos. Around that, it says: “Designed in the USA – 316L*Cal VH31A – Water Resistant 5ATM – Sapphire Crystal”.

Leather straps, you can choose are, black and red. I receive both of them and they are soft, top quality, simple and 3mm thick. My only problem with them is that they are just too short for my 8 inch/21cm wrist. But, I am on the other side of spectre, regarding wrist size. Anyway, I really like quick release pins on them. If you order two leather straps, you will be able to change them in few seconds, one minute top for both of them. Buckle is simple, gold PVD coloured, brushed and very similar to lugs in design with engraved company name on top.

Movement in this watch is coming from Japanese manufacturer Seiko. VH31A is quartz regulated and battery powered movement with 2 jewels and monthly accuracy of maximum deviation of +/-15 sec a month, depending of temperature differences. Battery is standard silver oxide button type, 1.55V and Seiko recommending SR920SW (9.5mm*2mm). Quartz is binary fork type and oscillating at 32.768kHz. Interesting thing about this Seiko movement is that, unusual for quartz movements, thick 4 times each second (usually is 1 thick per second or 60 thick in one minute). That mind that second hand “jump” 4 times each second which gives a 14400 bph (beats per hour) and almost sweep second hand appearance. My friend Tal had excellent observations and he told: “It have robotic second hand sweep around dial”, which I find most accurate description.


Regarding few issues (short strap length and crown low positioning) I did contact Mr. Levi Neely, who is creator, and after few messages up & down and phone call, he told me that both issues will be taking care. Straps will be probably offered in normal and long length. Regarding the crown, he will talk with production factory and see what are options to resolve that problem with wearing on big wrist.

Otherwise, I did find this watch quite nice to wear, BUT… yes, there is always that “but”. Biggest problem of all that I have with it is, I could not get this watch from my girlfriend wrist. I am not joking about that. The moment she did see it, it was on her wrist and I needed to promise her one, just like that, gold and black with both straps. After that, I check with all my lady friends about that watch and I was surprised. 12 of 16 I manage to reach are told that watch is “beautiful”, “sweet”, “elegant” and “where can I buy that one”. True story.

This watch will be offered thru KickStarter website in short time. Best ways to stay in loupe is probably thru Aeonic website or FaceBook page and subscribe for latest news, or just contact creator with eventual question.

Regarding the KS pricing, info that I have are: first 50 backers-80USD, second 50 backers-100USD and after that 150USD for each watch. My personal opinion that first two tiers (80USD and 100USD) are fair pricing for KS but after that is a bit bigger step on 150USD. Somehow I think there is missing one step for 130USD, but that is my opinion.

Here is a link to my video review of the Kairos watch. You can find much more reviews at my YouTube channel Dado Ribich.

Happy Watch Hunting.