Are the small watches trend back in fashion ? Well, I am no expert in providing a definite answer to that, but based on my observation on recent watches that are released be it an existing or a new brand, looks like the small watch size are back in the game ! I have noticed big brands such as Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, etc. are releasing models in the 38-39mm range size and so are the microbrand watches too. This is no different from what I am about to review – Kairos by Aeonic Watches.

A quick brief history about this new brand; Founded by Mr. Levi Neely, based out of USA and a watch collector himself for many years. On his free time, he usually spent them on restoring watches that he owns and after years of collection and restoration, he decided to create a brand where “value & quality” does not necessary have to be mutually exclusive. Hence the birth of Aeonic, taking inspiration from ancient Greek history. The logo hearkens to the Greek design which symbolizes the river of life. This river is said to flow eternally, and we feel that Aeonic Watches represent this through quality, design and timekeeping abilities. Aeonic Watches are meant to be symbolic of a harmony in style, horology and accessibility, which makes them a perfect accessory for your everyday life.

Technical Specifications of Kairos… 

  • Case Material : 316L Stainless Steel with 3 options of finishing
  • Diameter : 39mm
  • Movement : Seiko VH31A
  • Dial : Black and Silver sunburst
  • Crystal : Double Domed Sapphire crystal with AR anti-reflective coating
  • Lume : Superluminova C3 on 3,6,9,12 hour markers and on both minute and hour hands
  • Water resistance : 50m / 165ft
  • Strap size : 20mm

My first impression of Kairos ? 

  • Gonna be honest here, I’m definitely not a big fan of small watch wrist. So most of my watches are never below 41mm, however, it’s refreshing to wear something smaller than the usual occasionally.
  • I like the minimalist design on the dial with round marker at the 3,6,9,12 hour index which is refreshing from what’s out there in the market.
  • The sunburst silver dial is really an exciting choice of colour. From one side it looks like a champagne dial, and from the other side it’s like a shiny yellow gold look. Overall this is definitely one of my preferred choice of dial colour.
  • The oversized crown at 4 o’clock position is a nice touch.
  • It’s refreshing to have a thick minute and hour hands on a dress watch concept.
  • The leather that came with the watch felt good with quality, and comes with quick release pin, which is another plus point on the strap. Also the minimalist stitching on the strap matches the whole minimalist concept too !

What could have been better on Kairos ? Just my 2 cents thought… 

  • Automatic movement would have been ideal !
  • The length of the strap is a bit short because on my asian wrist size, it’s already at the 2nd / 3rd last of the hole which doesn’t leave a lot of space for anyone with a bigger wrist than mine.
  • The black dial doesn’t looked sunburst to me, as it’s more of a matte look. Maybe this was just a sample watch and production could be different.
  • Wished the second hands would have been a different design or maybe a different colour.

Let’s get down to business here… 


Dial : Out of the 2 samples I received, the silver sunburst really stood out and amazingly looks great. The black was very matte feel to my liking though and maybe it was because it’s black in colour and the sunburst doesn’t really shine as much as the silver. Love the minimalist concept with a small rounded marker on 3,6,9 and 12 hour index and the thick minute and hour hands. The second hand was disappointing though, as it could have been another exciting way to give a refreshing view of the watch.

Case : Still not a big fan of small watches, but at 39mm it fits perfectly for both male & female with probably wrist size of smaller than 6.5″ – 7″. The finishing on the case was excellent. Really dig the oversized crown at 4 o’clock positioning. Not many dress watch in the market has their crown there… so again it’s really refreshing to see something different from the norm.

Strap : The width at 20mm isn’t my most favourite (that’s because most of my watches aren’t that small !), but the strap that as supplied together with the watch is definitely top quality. Felt the thickness is just nice and the quick release pin is definitely convenient to swap straps without a tool. On the back of the strap, it’s engraved with the branding and the buckle matches the case accordingly with signed branding on it.

Travel Pouch : Yes, each watch will come with a soft grained leather travel pouch. It’s nice to have 1 of this because it’s very handy when travelling and you get to bring an additional watch with you.

My Final Thoughts on Kairos… 

Well… Kairos is not available yet as I’m writing this review. Was very lucky to be the very first few to review it before it’s planned for launch via kickstarter sometime in May. We will update the kickstarter campaign on our facebook page when it’s LIVE, so do remember to follow us ! Anyway, it’s definitely affordable according to Mr. Levi when it’s launched and he assured that every timepiece will be inspected by him in US before sending out. This looks like a winner for anyone looking for a small watch of 39mm and could be the perfect couples watch ! My wife does like it a lot… so there you go, an opinion from the ladies ! Thanks to Mr. Levi for the opportunity to hands-on review for Kairos and wish you the very best in your upcoming kickstarter campaign !

Enjoy more photoshoot of Kairos :