Whenever someone mentions slim watches to me, I would think it’s meant for small wrist size and the designs on the dial are too simple to my liking. Therefore, slim watches were never a consideration for my watch collection, until recently when I discovered Radio City, by Trifoglio Italia.

Trifoglio Italia Radio City Slim Watch

It was initially a birthday gift for my wife but turned out to be more than that. It became our 1st couple watch as the watch grew on me when I first glanced at it and when I strapped it on my wrist. My perception towards slim watches changed from that moment on. What impressed me about it is the case thickness which stands at 4.8mm tall. That’s right, it’s not a typo error, 4.8mm thick! That’s thinner than most average coins. The design of the dial resembles a vintage 30s radio with the analogue knobs and some radio waves around it. Complicated yet interesting enough to keep making me look for the time.

The creator of Radio City also made tiny considerations that may seem irrelevant to others, but not to me because with such a complicated dial, they actually removed the seconds hand to avoid more complication to the watch. In fact, this minor touch to it actually gave a big impact to the overall look of it. I’m so used to 44mm and above case sizes, but this 40mm does fit nicely onto my ~7 – 7.5″ wrist size perfectly and my wife’s ~5.5 – 6″ girly wrist size too!

Trifoglio Italia Radio City Slim Watch

His and hers wrists!

The full specifications :

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Thickness: 4.8mm
  • Case Material: Matte Black IP – 316L / Rose Gold IP – 316L / Stainless Steel 316L 
  • Crystal: K1 Mineral
  • Dial: Enamel Finished
  • Movement: Quartz Miyota GL20 slim
  • Strap/Lug Size: 20mm
  • Strap Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Strap Length: 25cm
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM

Quoted from the Trifoglio Italia website, “The origin of Radio City traces to Rome in Italy, a place where design and style are instinctive and irrepressible. Aesthetically, Rome moves with the times, but the past is always present. This city seems to continuously mediate between the past and the future – Skyscrapers rise above crumbling Roman walls, ultra-modern museums display ancient artefacts, built in 1726, is surrounded by connecting piazzas and sleek streets, lined with famous international fashion houses with extravagant couture as well as small elegant brand boutiques.

It was at a shop in Via Frattina, a stylish street at the base of the Spanish Steps, in the beautiful city of Rome, where a little vintage 30s radio was spotted at a window display. It was a friendly juxtaposition between this little vintage radio and the collection of contemporary apparel around it. The radio quietly and confidently embodied a moment recalled, an experience recounted, a time where great memories were developed. The broadcasts that this antique equipment had once made may be past, but the radio itself was something real and enduring.

Alessandro told Jessie, “This will be our watch.” The Radio City Watch was hence conceptualized.”

For the price of US$175 via the Trifoglio Italia webstore with free worldwide delivery, it’s not  too pricey for the specs and design. It’s an affordable slim watch that is suitable for all occasions. The only wish list changes I could add on (if possible) that were missing would be lume on either the hand or dial and maybe an upgrade to an automatic movement. Though that would be difficult to keep the thickness. Otherwise, both my wife and myself are very happy with our 1st couple watch and the fact that I could wear hers and she could wear mine too! It’s something rare that I could share my watch with my wife even though she complains a lot when I keep buying watches when I only have 2 hands! To find out more about Radio City, please visit the Trifoglio Italia official website or Facebook page.