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In creating the Spaceman, NEMINUS pays tribute to the astronauts who graced the infinite space to study, research and explore the unknown for the benefit of mankind and from different aspects of the astronauts training, space travel, space shuttles, experiences, etc.

The Mars Traveller, which I will review here, is one of three, in the Spaceman series from Neminus. The models are “Earth Dweller“, “Moon Explorer” and “Mars Traveller“.

So, here is my review of Neminus Spaceman Mars Traveller pre-production model.

I receive this watch in late morning and did not have time to wear it around, because wanted to give you firsthand experience with this model. Of course, there will be follow up after some wear 24/7 in rough environment on my YT channel.

When I was contacting with Perry from Neminus about getting this watch for review, I explained, that I will not be gently with this watch and will wear it no matter what I’m doing regarding my daily routine (driving, swimming, desk diving, showering, running, playing air guitar and drums, etc), and he did not mind, even he encourage me to do so. Needless to say, he got a plus right there in the start.

After opening the packaging in which watch came, first thing I was noticed is how tough and powerful it is. Second thing was 3D Printed Mars, encased with metallic rim. Third thing which you must see is the bright red Minute hand and really, you cannot miss that hand. Then, you will see saw pattern on bezel or very nice Sunray radiant with metallic date window casing. If you think that that is it, you are so wrong. There is so much going around case and you did not even come to back side of this watch. There is a unique “window” from ISS module (International Space Station) with unknown Galaxy system printed from inside. For me, just beautiful. But, let’s go from beginning and start with casing.

Case is made from 316L stainless steel and brushed before DLC coating which is much better than usual PVD coating.

– PVD is a process which vaporizes a number of metals, and then binds it on a surface, in layers, in a heated vacuum. But, the downside is, it wears after a year or so.

– As for DLC, it is a nano-composite coating.

The main difference being that instead of spraying on a group of metals like the PVD process, DLC uses a form of carbon to blast onto the surface and thereafter, cools down extremely quickly. The upside of DLC coating is that it has the unique properties of natural diamond’s low friction, high hardness and high corrosion resistance.

At 3 o’clock position is designed screw in/out crown with Neminus logo on top. Crown is designed to look like booster nozzles on the rocket leads and there is a pretty good similarity. Opposite to crown, at 10 o’clock position is fully functioning helium release valve (HEV) and right next to it is machine cased “Model Name Plate” secured with two screws to case. Lugs are with screw pins, so that looks really nice and is stronger option than spring pins. Under the lug pins, on the case, there is a small machined bevel, which is a very nice touch if you want to change original strap with NATO strap. On top of case is bezel with capital B. It is looking very strong and I guess, in case of need, you will probably could use it as saw because that is actual pattern on bezel grip. On top, planetary rotation was the inspiration for the multiple circular rims n bezel with BGW9 lume at “00”.

All parts are DLC coated in Titanium colour and there is my first “problem”. Personally, think the colour is too dark for Titanium and it need to be lighter. This will be perfect DLC colour coating for Moon Explorer IMHO. Model Name Plate could stay in this dark grey DLC colour, but everything else should be much lighter, in just a bit darker Titanium colour. Of course, this is my personal opinion and taste.

Dial is a story of its own. First, there is a Star Radiant pattern on, and then nice applied hour indexes with thin inserted BGW9 lume in the middle, together with applied Neminus logo of four diagonally placed “psy” (Ψ) Greek character letter and name right bellow logo. At 3 o’clock is metal cased window for date complication and around 6 o’clock position printed in red Swiss Made statement (Swiss Made standard via adoption of Swiss movements, partnering Swiss assembly and testing factories, production of selected spare parts in Switzerland and attaining Swiss certifications.).

Hand set is something you can’t miss. Crescent Second hand is in chrome metal with triangle pointing tip filled with lume and almost touching outer part of dial casing so you can really nice readout each painted second and minute marking. Same is with minute hand. Long but painted in bright red and white, filled with BGW9 lume which will give you instant reading of minute marking. Hour hand is in same design style as minute hand but in metal chrome finishing also filled with BGW9 lume. Design inspirations for the hour & minute hands are derived from the Space Shuttle side rocket boosters and main rocket.

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And last but not forgotten is one of main features of this watch, 3D printed planet Mars at 9 o’clock position. It is hard to describe, but it look beautiful and for sure, it giving this watch that spicy “something”. When watched with naked eye, you can see it is really embossed 3D in different red and orange shades in circular metal ring. Only if you use really strong magnifying lenses or microscope, you will be able to see printing pattern. Otherwise, just enjoy in uniqueness of your watch dial. I could write more about this Mars feature, but it is a better to check pictures.

Dial is covered with 5mm thick double domed Sapphire crystal glass which gives a nice distorted look on dial elements in certain low angles and I like that.

Back of the watch is designed with viewing cupola or observatory module on ISS (International Space Station) on mind. Did they make it right? My opinion is probably very biased because I do like everything connected with space exploration and space in general, so there is only answer I can give. YES, they made it just right.

Even more, the star system is printed on the back case sapphire glass to allowing me and maybe you, to see a beautiful unknown Galaxy system. Also, there is all usual inscription you can find on most of watch backs, but with one additional. “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind”. Not sure if that is on all in Spaceman series of watches, but at least, it is in connection with space exploration, so there is a bit of sense in that great words from Neil Armstrong, who was a first to step on the surface of another surface than Earth.

Now we are coming to another thing I do not like. The inner part of window back case is very sharp and after some time, I could find parts of my skin there. Nothing to damage skin on wrist, but this is just preproduction model so Neminus will probably fix that little problem in all production models in series.

Last thing is the strap which came on the watch.

The strap Neminus chose for the SPACEMAN Collection is of high precision rubber with the cold and heat resistant of -40°C to +260°C, non-toxic, non-sticky and easy-to-clean. Excellent for tear strength and made by ISO approved factory. After some little time on wrist, I can tell it is easy to wear and it is long enough for my 21cm left wrist. For anything else or more, I need some wearing time.

Other than it is limited to only 99 pieces per model, the other key features of the Spaceman series include…

  • 44mm Case, between Lugs 22mm, Lug to lug 52mm
  • 16mm thickness, weight 145g.
  • Movement Swiss Sellita SW200-1 (elabore)
  • Sapphire crystal is 5mm thick with 3 AR layers on inside
  • Textured & Radiant Dial with Metallic Date Window Casing
  • 3D Printed Planetary Elements (Earth, Moon and Mars) Encased with Metallic Rim
  • DLC coating on Case, Bezel and Name Plates (Diamond like Carbon coating)
  • Indexes & Hands with BGW9 SuperLuminova
  • Spherical Back casing Sapphire glass with printing from inside (Galaxy View)
  • 300m WR (30ATM) with Functional HEV Valve
  • Screw in/out Crown with Neminus logo
  • 120 click anticlockwise Bezel with 12 o’clock BGW9 dot
  • ISO Certified Rubber Strap
  • Cased Model Name Plates

Regarding the pricing, there are many options, but everything is starting with pre-order from https://www.facebook.com/pg/neminusSingapore/shop/ and www.neminus.com. All prices there are in Singapore dollars, but starting from approximately $549usd and than rising to $579usd. After that, there will be KickStarter campaign with Super Early Bird for $599usd, Early Bird for $629usd and KickStarter Special for $659usd. Never the less, this info is best to check directly at upper links.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for all models are $1,199usd.

You can find full length video review at my YT channel “Dado Ribich”, but be warned, it is a long one.

Happy watch hunt.