Mondragon, a watch company from Miami has a new Kickstarter campaign in full swing. Their Angel Falls tactical diver is all kinds of great. This is a hands-on review, which also includes a video review. They were kind enough to send us a watch to review and giveaway. That’s right, a giveaway! Stay tuned below on how to enter. I must make a disclaimer, I like this watch!

First, the brand, Mondragon Watch Co, is out of Miami Florida USA. I really like this because I live in Florida too and know horological talent is here! The name itself comes from a legend out of Spain. The dragon lived in a castle atop the Mount Morojain in Arrasate. After the dragon was slain by the villagers, the town was renamed Mondragon. Angel Falls is inspired by the Angel Falls in Venezuela. If you know trivia, you may recognize Angel Falls as the tallest waterfall in the world.

Upon opening the handsome Pelican type case, the first thing that struck me was the well balanced look of the face. Of course, it has some basic dive watch components, but that first glance said functional to me. Before I put it on, I went through the box. It included a plethora of choices. It was on a carbon fiber strap but also has NATO, stainless steel and leather straps. With all the straps, you need a spring bar tool, which sits to the back of the case. The color combination also stood out. I love the orange/black look. It’s nice to have some color options in daily wear.

Upon putting it on, I immediately felt the 43mm case fits true. Some watches like this wear very large, but this is just perfect. For those that will dive with this, take note of the 30ATM depth rating of the stainless-steel case and sapphire crystal. Since it’s a bona fide diver, it also has a Helium Escape Valve. The bezel certainly feels like the high quality ceramic it’s made from. The screw down crown has an engraved logo as well. With this being a dive watch, it must have lume. The matte black face has Super LumiNova on the diamond shaped hands and hour markers along with 60 position on the bezel. One concern I have with any dive watch is how heavy it wears. I already mentioned on how it fits, and it wears the same. It doesn’t feel like a paperweight on my wrist.

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With this being a Kickstarter campaign, the options are there based on the financial commitment. One thing that is nice is the option of movement. Of all the parts and pieces that go into any watch, this has to be the most important. How well does it keep time? That’s the whole point of a watch, right? They offer Seiko NH35A (Japan) and ETA 2824-2 (Swiss). The Seiko has a 41 hour reserve and the ETA has 38. Both of these are fine, but the ETA is often viewed as more reliable. However, they are both quite capable.

Lastly, I want to talk price and warranty. The 2 year warranty is rather robust for the price point. You can get into this watch for as little as $150 with the Seiko movement. ETA movements now start at $350. It’s my opinion this is a good deal for a nice looking, yet fully functional diver. You really can’t beat the price. Imagine what you’ll get for the money, a fine watch and multiple straps. I think I may back this campaign, that’s how much I like it.

I feel like something is missing however. Oh yes, it’s the giveaway. If you want to win this watch you have to do just a 2 things. First, you have to subscribe to the Microbrand Watch World weekly newsletter and like the Facebook page. There is also an opportunity to get an extra entry by subscribing the YouTube channel. Click this link to enter! Good luck!