HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you who are reading this article. It’s my 1st for the year 2020 and I hope to start off with a watch article related to historical moments because each present year will require past year as a reference check for a better tomorrow. So, if you are a movie buff like myself, the name of Azimuth’s latest watch model, “Back-in-Time” really triggers back some of my classic movie memories such as Marty McFly’s adventure in Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Hot Tub Time Machine, Looper, Terminator and many others that revolves time travelling.

Azimuth is no stranger in the watch community with some really cool models and my personal favourites from them includes Mr Roboto, Crazy Rider, Twin Turbo, Spaceship, Predator and many more. I really appreciate what the brand Azimuth has brought and contributed to the watch industry, creating a visually and mechanically complicated design yet affordable as compared to other known Swiss brands that offers similar concept such as MB&F, A. Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin, Girard-Perregaux and many more. My article today is about introducing a limited edition Back in Time that comes in 2 variation (Ocean Blue & Rainforest) which I would share the press kit below… but if you are interested to purchase one, you can reach out to Azimuth HK for details :

  • Retail Price : HKD19,800
  • Email : topclassasia@yahoo.com

Technical Specifications : 

  • Case: Bronze
  • Dimensions: 42mm
  • Feature: Hour and Minute time display in anti-clockwise motion
  • Movement: In-house modified anticlockwise automatic movement
  • Strap: Leather strap with stitching with bronze pin buckle
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM
  • Limited editions: 50 pcs with ‘Ocean Blue’ dial & 50 pcs with ‘Rainforest’ dial

Intro to the Design Inspiration

Climate change is real. In 30 years, the planet’s population is on track to reach 10 billion. By then, sea levels could rise by as much as 48cm and crop yields reduced by 20 per cent. Meantime each year, over 25 per cent of marine life are at risk of extinction, while almost 15 billion trees are cut down due to deforestation. But above all else, the environmental statistic that matters most is this: there is only ONE planet earth, and we have only ONE chance to make it right.

Championing greater environmental awareness, Azimuth is proud to introduce the new Back-In-Time (BIT) ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ Limited Edition, a collection that invites us to think about the world we live in. A timepiece with multi-facetted virtues, Azimuth’s BIT ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ Limited Edition is an expressive work of horological art that elicits appreciation on many levels. At its most poetic, the watch’s trademark time display, which rotates counter-clockwise – just as how the earth rotates – expresses a sense of yearning for days long past. Yet, the dream for an untouched and pristine world is never too out of reach. Because even as the hands move backwards, we are also constantly forging ahead to find fresh solutions for the environment.

On the dial, the hour numerals are depicted in reverse, while the hour and minute hands journey in anti-clockwise direction, portraying time as if it is moving backwards. This capricious technical trick is achieved via a module with additional gear trains mounted on top of the automatic movement. Aesthetically, BIT ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ Limited Edition pays homage to Mother Nature in myriad ways. For one, the watch is encased in bronze, an alloy that dates to 3500 B.C., and was instrumental to the advancement of human civilisation itself.

Boasting a combination of matte and polished finishing for a refined presence, the 42mm bronze case will be transformed into something entirely unique over time. Loved for its constantly evolving demeanour, the bronze alloy will react to the wearer’s skin and the surrounding elements to slowly take on an ever-changing patina.

Collectors have two versions of the BIT ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ Limited Edition to choose from: ‘Ocean Blue’ and ‘Rainforest’. Inscriptions bearing the words ‘Save The 1 – Ocean Blue’ or ‘Save The 1 – Rainforest’ are engraved on the open caseback, with each version limited to 50 numbered pieces.

Radiating at the heart of the BIT ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ timepieces are the gorgeous dials that flaunt miniscule ripple patterns; inspired by the dynamic movements of nature, evoking the gentle waves of the ocean or the rustling of leaves in a breeze. Awash in gradated shades of blue for the ‘Ocean Blue’ model, and green for the ‘Rainforest’ variant, each dial is fastidiously constructed. The dials first undergo a highly precise machine-stamping process to create the guilloche wave-like pattern. After stamping, they are lavished with blue or green paint, hand-sprayed by master artisans to accord a gradated ‘fumé’ effect that is smooth and flawless. A painstaking process, each layer of colour must be dried before the artisans can apply the next coat to achieve the colour graduation effect. Last but not least, the coloured dials undergo a lacquering process, which involves the application of clear undercoats, a topcoat, and a finishing coat to ensure a shimmery gloss before the numerals and brand logo are printed.

“Being in the watch business, we are acutely aware of the preciousness of time – and time is really running out for us to be intentional about saving the environment. The BIT ‘Earth Vision – Save The 1’ Limited Edition is our way of making an artistic statement on environmental issues, while at the same time inspiring our customers to be more engaged with environmental causes,” says Christopher Long, co-founder of Azimuth.

About Azimuth

Based in Neuchâtel, Azimuth was founded in 2003 with a desire to introduce avant-garde horology featuring unique movements and complications at friendly prices to watch lovers. Guided by a progressive and adventurous spirit, Azimuth comprises an in-house team of designers and watchmakers in constant pursuit of innovative creations anchored by horological excellence.