Inspired by passion and built by hand. ZOID Mastermind is a union of performance and edginess, this classic-chic watch for both men and women is perfect for all occasions. Looking for a watch to bring you from the board room to the party scene; ZOID has it.

As a watch enthusiast and watch lover who appreciate great designed products, Andrew Oliver created the ZOID Mastermind. The first eye contact with ZOID Mastermind, you know this is something unique, something extraordinary, something well-crafted. ZOID watches have been created to be classic with a punch of excitement, contemporary imbued with a look of seriousness, funky yet preserving the functionality. A practical day to day wear that is different from the mainstream.

Featuring a beautifully curved see-through case ZOID Mastermind speaks to classic watches, but looks and feels like a modern futuristic time machine. The aggressively designed ZOID Mastermind has a unique profiling with the bull-head crown fixed at 12’ and a suspended honey-combed patterned-dial.

ZOID Mastermind is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power. This personal time machine will be on your wrist through all the planned obsolescence of your smart devices and walk you through your day-to-day activities. A mind-intriguing classic, ZOID Mastermind brings out your individuality.

ZOID Mastermind is fitted with calf leather straps that are comfortable with a reassuring stiffness but pleasantly thin profile. ZOID Mastermind is available in 3 colours- Red, Gold and Black.

ZOID Mastermind is currently on Kickstarter. ZOID Masterminds are expected to be shipped out by July 2018. It retails at 720 USD but is currently available for a limited time of on Kickstarter for the early-bird price of 420 USD.