Radius Watch Company is created by Harold Robb and his father 17 years ago and they already created and design watches for Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth universities. They have a successful KickStarter campaign with Grand Icon C & L. Black version is C series and Blue version is L series, so here is my Radius Grand Icon L watch from KickStarter campaign.

First, I think they done marvellous job with designing this watch, and I’m not joking about that. This timepiece is really unique and couldn’t find anything similar around. It is bold, big, colourful and has certain statement on my wrist for sure. From first moment I perceive this watch in KS listing, I was in love and there is no change now when I finally received my Grand Icon L. Until now, you probably got a picture that I like this watch, but here is a few facts.


  • 46mm 316L gold PVD case
  • 26mm between lugs and 50mm from lug to lug
  • 12.8mm thickness with flat sapphire crystal glass on top
  • ISA Swiss 9230M1 quartz movement with dual time sub-dial
  • 50m water resistant (5ATM)
  • Leather strap 113mm+75mm with double deploying butterfly gold PVD clasp, 26mm on lug side and 22mm on clasp side
  • Round travel pouch with soft inside and hard outside part, but very light and enough big for one watch.

Dial is big and colourful, there is no question about that, but still with classy feeling in that. Indices are gold PVD and lumed inserted in 12, 3 and 9 o’clock. Date window is at 3 o’clock position and there is even small magnifying lens inside window, something you do not see very often. Minute and hour handset is in gold PVD too and inserted with lume, together with second hand, which have lume in triangle tip on top. There are also three sub-dials. One at 12 o’clock position is 24hr am/pm complication, at 9 o’clock is Day complication and at 6 o’clock position is second time zone complication which can be adjusted with small pusher at 4 o’clock position in one hour incremental and they all are nice colourful sub-dials with matching coloured small arrow shaped hands, which are easy to read.

Base of dial is made from machined aluminium and with simulation of Cote de Geneva stripes but with more spatial depth effect and printed with matt paint, blue or black. Minute markers are painted on outer bevelled bezel with numbers on each 5 minute mark in red and white. I like this dial because there is so many things going on but still not unreadable. You really can spend some time just examining the dial and every time you can find something new you did not notice before. Definitely not boring stuff there.

46mm in diameter and PVD in rose gold colour, case is highly polished with unusual 26mm between lugs. Bezel is one step with radius and a bit smaller than case. Relatively small distance from lug to lug of 50mm for 46mm watch will help those with smaller wrist to comfortably and with confidence wear this timepiece. Crown is screw in/out with Radius logo on top. I find quite hard to remove blue protection plastic from top of crown and there are residue in Radius logo of that plastics. Maybe if I use wooden toothpick and take that out.

Opposite to crown and small pusher you can find engraved limited number of Grand Icon watch. On top of the watch is flat Sapphire crystal glass which is the best scratch resistant glass for watches. On back side is screw in type of cover with embossed polished logo and inscription: “Republic of Watches collection a Johnny London Design” and all other standard info together with watch name.

Leather straps on this model are blue and on C model are black. Straps insides are press-imprinted with Radius logo on short side strap and Genuine Leather on longer strap. On 22mm straps end is double deploying butterfly clasp in rose gold PVD colour with engraved logo on top. Simple and soft straps, but functional.

In all honesty, there is also one thing on which I’m quite used to, but still need to be mentioned. Beside it is a big watch with 50mm from lug to lug, straps (113mm+75mm) are too short for my 21cm wrist. I’m sure 99% of you will not have that problem, but I do. Also, there are no blueprints of the Grand Icon in package, which creator Hal Robb said he will send with every watch. Not that I missed that, but just mentioning.

But all of that does not diminish anything I like about this watch. Everything is a just right with this timepiece. Dial is beautiful with all that ridges and “ribs” with colours just popping up from sub-dials and making the watch even more playful but still classy and elegant. Real designer work and effort, no question about that and that is a rare in this days.

Conclusion? It is a simple conclusion about this watch, “Me like it.” and that is it. There is no other specific conclusion beside that. It is a big and bold watch with designer who was not afraid to use some colour on dial. Maybe only thing which could scare you is a size of this watch, but relatively small lug to lug length, regarding the case diameter, could work just fine with smaller wrist too. Radius Watch Company on Facebook.

Happy watch hunting.