Slow Watches is a UK based, Swiss made watch brand started by four friends from the watch industry and e-commerce. The Slow Watch line consists of 24 hour one handed watches exclusively.  It’s a different way of measuring time where absolute precision is not required by the wearer.  If you have a smartphone, you can set multiple alarms for virtually any reminder or event of any minute of any day.  No watch can touch this this type of versatility, so in reality a one hand watch is all most of us really need to tell the time.

For my review I have the Slow model 0 02, an all stainless watch that really shows off their design, material and attention to detail.  My measurements show the watch is a round/cushion hybrid face that is 42.5 mm in diameter by 11.45 mm thick and 45 mm lug to lug, though their website has slightly different figures. The watch is completely brushed stainless steel with a curved case profile and a modern simple logo signed pill shaped stainless steel crown. The barrel shaped brushed stainless steel case back is attached with four corner screws with the center area tastefully engraved with the company logo/name and the words “SWISS MADE.” The bracelet consists of 24 stainless steel links (sized for my 7 inch wrist) in a wonderful mesh like design.  The links are 22mm wide at the case and taper slightly to 20mm at the hidden machined butterfly ladder type clasp.

The sterile watch face consists of one satin finished stainless steel thin sword hand attached with a circular stainless support post.  The face background is a wonderful fine black triangle pattern with stainless numerals marking even numbers from 0 at 6 o’clock to 22 at 5 o’clock.  Each even number has a small stainless dot between the number and the bezel.  There are three small silver line markers between each dot to represent each quarter of each hour.

Powering this one hand wonder is the well known Swiss Ronda 505.24H GMT quartz movement.  The movement normally has four hands, but for this watch, only the single GMT hand is used.  The movement has one jewel and has a battery life rating of 45 months.  Accuracy is rated at -10 to +20 seconds per month, which with only one 24 hour hand seems more than adequate to me.  This watch is very comfortable, well made and good looking in my opinion and is definitely not an ordinary watch.  If you are looking for a high quality, minimalist, single hand affordable watch to slow you down, check out the line of slow Swiss made watches. $320 for model O 02 as reviewed.

Bert Kanne is a freelance contributor to MBWW with a love for well made dive watches and chronographs. All photos by Bert Kanne unless otherwise noted.