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nullnullBefore I begin my hands-on review, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to our microbrandwatchworld community because they have started an online store to bring various global microbrand watches into Singapore and Asia. Right now, they are already carrying 2 brands in their online store which is VEJRHØJ from Denmark and TID from Sweden. Thanks to, they have given me an opportunity to review both brands and today is all about NAUTIC 68° NORTH by VEJRHØJ.


So, a little history about VEJRHØJ. Quoted from their website, “VEJRHØJ is founded by the young entrepreneur, Janus Aarup, who set out to create a collection of wooden watches based on his passion for design, craftsmanship and timepieces. The first small collection was created, while Janus still was working on his master’s thesis regarding the rise of Danish design. In the summer 2014 VEJRHØJ teamed up with the grand old man of Danish design, Bo Bonfils, known for his classic Georg Jensen designs. Together they spent a year designing, building and testing a new line of VEJRHØJ watches, where they combined wood and steel with a distinctive maritime touch. In late 2015 VEJRHØJ launched the collection through Kickstarter where they were fortunate enough to raise over 100,000 USD in 30 days through the help from customers from more than 38 countries.”

You may also ask… why the name VEJRHØJ ? VEJRHØJ lends its name from the high hillsides next to the sea where Janus grew up.


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Here’s a little specifications about the NAUTIC 68° NORTH by VEJRHØJ :





  • 42mm casing crafted from natural walnut wood & 316L stainless steel with a gold finish
  • Dial crafted from dark stained walnut wood
  • Swiss made movement: Ronda, caliber 762 3H
  • Sapphire crystal glass with bevelled edges
  • 9.5 mm thick case (10.5 mm including the sapphire crystal glass)
  • Genuine dark calf leather strap, which runs through the inside of the watch
  • 3 ATM waterproofing
  • Brushed metal finishes for dial ring & case back. Polished metal finishes for case and dial hands


nullSo, what do I think about it after having the opportunity to have it on my wrist for a week plus ? Well, it’s very light. Sometimes I tend to forget that I’m wearing a watch. The leather strap is very soft, and it’s a little too soft to my liking. However, I really like how the colour of the leather strap matches each different type of wood dial on their catalogue. The dial may look minimalist at first glance but how the dial combined the element of wood and surrounded by gold finishing element, which is truly a work of art that showcase the beauty of nature through wood as if it’s alive and closer to me. The case is another work of art, splitting into 2 where the top half is made from walnut wood whereas the bottom half is made from stainless steel with gold finishing. Again, the gold element really brings the best out of the wood and really matches the combination well.

nullHowever, as I have mentioned earlier, the strap is a little too soft, and it goes through the case, which makes it even very limited in terms of the availability. You can’t use the standard straps you have to mix & match with. Overall, it’s a nice addition to a watch collection as it’s more of a designer + fashion watch to wear, and it’s designed by Bo Bonfils. It’s slim enough to fit into any dress watch, light enough to be worn whole day and definitely fun enough for a weekend getaway with.

To end the review, again, I would like to thank for their support and initiative to bring microbrand watches to Singapore and Asia. Not forgetting, to allow me the opportunity to hands-on review NAUTIC 68° NORTH by VEJRHØJ. Do follow them as I heard they plan to bring in a few more new microbrands into their shop soon !