After years of specializing in only the most unique timepieces, creating XERIC Watches was the natural progression for WATCHISMO.COM founders Mitch & Andrew to explore their creative passions and to bring complex, mechanical timepieces to a broad cross-section of watch enthusiasts who dream of an affordable Mechanical.

[Editors note: A big welcome to Alvin Lew who is making his reviewing debut on Microbrand Watch World with his own Xeric Halograph.]

WATCHISMO is a carefully curated watch collection by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt, modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. Together, the brothers have carefully curated the exceptional collection at WATCHISMO, which since 1999 has been a singular source for unique modern watches from around the world.

XERIC Watches embody the art of timekeeping by fusing exposed mechanical function with timeless form in a singular machine and represents a natural progression of the business: from Curators to Creators of designs that reflect their experience, knowledge and passion for the truly unusual.

Now you know about the brand, let’s get back to the reason why you are reading this review. Quoted from their Kickstarter campaign,

“The XERIC Halograph features a beating mechanical heart with a twin balance wheels pumping life into this complex time machine (Dual Balance Mechanical Automatic Frequency of 21,600BPH), Halo Hands that encircle the minutes and hours through floating over the four, dimensional, hemicycle time display arcs (inner arcs display the hours whereas the outer arcs display the minutes), 5mm domed sapphire-coated K1 crystal echoing elliptical forms throughout the design.”

The full specifications of the XERIC Halograph are featured in the image below :


Enough about the facts, which you can easily Google or read from their official webpage. Here’s what I felt about the watch I received…

The Halograph is the very first automatic watch I pledged for on Kickstarter. Being backer #447 / 2,409 in total, I managed to snagged myself the Rose Gold “First 100” edition for US$369 through Kickstarter and with a slight delay, it finally arrived at my doorstep on 23rd October. Feeling like a kid all over again when receiving a toy, which is how I felt at that very moment, being all excited to wear it on my wrist and boy oh boy, the wait was worth it.

From opening the parcel, the box presentation is well crafted and designed in a wooden exterior, made from high gloss Macassar Ebony with an interior form fitting dense EVA foam.  The watch sits perfectly within the foam, which gives a good solid protection of the watch even if someone from the postal company decided to play toss the parcel with it, that is how securely it’s designed. Lifting it up onto my palm while fascinated by the shiny rose gold case, I immediately felt the weight of the watch.  I love how the 5mm domed glass sticking on top which showcase the dual imitate tourbillon, 2 half circle tracks on the dial for minutes and hours and not forgetting the dual sided hands for minutes and hours.


Then, time to tune the wheels… As advised by XERIC Watches, we need to wind the crown as many as 40 clockwise turns in order to experience the full power reserve up to 36 hours. Unfortunately, mine didn’t. I only get a maximum of 14 hours even when the watch is in a winder while I am in my beauty sleep. I could have sought a replacement but chose not to as I would have to pay for the return international shipping cost, lose out on the “First 100” engraving and worst of all,  go through the same painful waiting period.

I guess I’m not that fussy to wind my watch if needed to, as it’s not the end of the world. Some watch hobbyist that I know are really particular especially on the +/- in terms of seconds, so if you are that type, then this watch might not be for you because the S-01 Dual Balance Mechanical Movement has a fairly wide accuracy of +/- 45 seconds per day.

The strap was a premium Italian Calf-skin leather but it was a bit hard to my liking and replaced it with a black mesh strap. So far I’m satisfied with it but I’m looking forward to replace it with an original XERIC mesh strap in near future.


The stand out feature of this watch is the complicated halo hands with the 2 half circle tracks for minutes and hours. Yes, at the beginning it was a bit difficult to read but as you familiarize yourself with the concept, you would memorize the spot for minutes (15, 30, 45, 00) and hours (9, 12, 3, 6). From here onwards, you would be able to tell time quickly by some quick estimation just by glancing at it rather than straining to look at the exact timing. One addition that I would love is for either the half circle tracks or halo hands to be treated with super luminova BGW9 to ease my trouble looking at the time during the night.

These days we rely on smartphones for actual time keeping so to me, the watch is more of a fashionable accessory which sets a statement of ones’ personality. No doubt the Halograph is definitely a conversation starter whenever someone else notices it. For the retail price of US$500 on their official web store, I would say it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you can accept the potential issues with the automatic movement then you are in for a very unique and interesting watch that is sure to turn heads.

The Xeric Halograph is available from Xeric Watches for $500 USD excluding shipping.