Following up on their previous success of the Automatic Vintage Lens via Kickstarter, TACS is back again today on Kickstarter with their latest model, Time Glass. It’s always a nice feeling that our review is appreciated not only by our readers (you; who is reading this now… Thank you !) but also the brand owners themselves. So, it came as a surprise to me, re-invited by TACS to participate in an early review of their newest model Time Glass.

My review on the sample received…


Case : Measured at 42mm with thickness of 11.8mm, this is the perfect unisex dress watch size. The case is made from 316L stainless steel and equipped with a scratch proof harden crystal. The case is inspired by the hour glass body, hence the curved case side which is to mimic the curviness of the hour glass. This is a crownless case (my first time playing with one) which makes this case even more interesting and comfortable to be worn on the wrist. On the left side of the case side is engraved with the model Time Glass. On the caseback, each corners is represented of the watch specifications (Swiss Movement, All Stainless Steel, Water Resistant 3ATM, TS1801). At the center of the caseback, there lies the magical button that resolves my main question which is how the heck am I going to set the time on this watch !?!?!?! I love how the creator carefully thought of in designing the caseback where the button will not be accidentally pressed whenever strap’ed onto the wrist. Another detailed observation by the creator is the concept of a lugless watch, which matches the crownless case.

Dial & Hands : Interestingly, the dial isn’t flat and has the funnel concept that is wide on the top and narrows right at the center of the dial. The narrow stem is where it is hosting the minute and hour hand that has the form of a parabola, known as Parabolic. As you can refer to the image on the side, the parabolic design hands fit naturally onto the funnel design dial.

Movement : The watch features a Swiss Quartz (Ronda 756), which is a movement with Electronic Time Setting (ETS). Hence the possibility of a crownless watch concept. Each press of the button on the caseback center moves a single minute while a long continuous press would allow the minute to move constantly if require to change the hours. Yes it’s that simple.

Strap : Made from genuine Italian leather with vegetable tanning and at a width of 18mm. Yes I know, it’s actually too small to my liking unfortunately. Minimum criteria for me is 22mm, but that is just me. However, because the uniqueness of the crownless case, somehow the 18mm width does look ok on my wrist, but I’m guessing it’s more favorable to the female wrist than male. But on a much positive note, it’s a quick release strap which makes swapping of strap so much easier without the tool and the leather feels soft my wrist.

Packaging : I did not receive the packaging that is featured on Kickstarter but just to note (by the image above), the box is also inspired by the hour glass design as well. I love the idea when you unbox the packaging and to see an hour glass style box awaiting for you.

Warranty : By supporting the campaign via Kickstarter, each backer will be receiving a specially made coin that signify each “Time Glass” will have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Yes that’s right, you will get a lifetime warranty by TACS for the watch ! How many brands you know can offer this ? This shows how confident TACS is in delivering a quality watch to its’ backers.

My final verdict : This would be the perfect valentine gift ! Seriously… this is definitely an ideal option as a couple watch, a his & hers kinda watch. If I was still single and probably 20 years younger, I am definitely making this a couple watch with my who-ever girlfriend then is. I’m definitely into the whole crownless concept and totally loving the inspiration that came along with it, making the whole watch design worthy as a collection. Kudos again to the creator of TACS for a simple, yet elegant minimalist watch “Time Glass“, considering every detail of the watch to showcase the uniqueness of the hour glass concept.

How do I get one ? They just launched on Kickstarter and this is definitely a campaign worthy to check out and pledge yourself 1 or more. Delivery is expected sometime in April 2018. Interested ? Just click on the image below and it will redirect you the current LIVE Kickstarter campaign.