I felt very fortunate to be in Singapore where I am surrounded with many choices of local Microbrand such as Zelos, Boldr, Regia, Vilhelm and many more as the list is shockingly a lot. Besides that, I do get options of retail shops that offers and display a wide range of Microbrands too (both locally and overseas) such as TVG, Monster Time Gallery, Watch Wonderland, Red Army Watches and many others. For today’s preview article, I was invited by TVG to view the latest model “Zoomeister” by ZOID which is currently in pre-order phase and watches would be available for collection or shipping by end September 2018.

Zoomeister is a follow up of their previous successful version “Mastermind” that was launched via Kickstarter early this year. The only similarity that I see between Zoomeister and Mastermind is just the same case shape and how the dial is being bolted into the custom-build case through the 4 corners as shown below from their previous Mastermind version.

The above image is just a reference to the previous Mastermind model. The new model would have the following design enhancement :

  • Racing steering wheel inspired dial. If you love speed, adrenalin, fast moving cars, then you would be constantly looking at the dial, though I would have preferred if the steering wheels moves slightly according to our movement rather than being fixed.
  • Chequered flag engraving on the top & bottom of the front case. No race would be completed without this flag, as it’s the indicator to the start and end of a race.
  • A matching colour second, minute and hour hands.
  • A racing theme custom-made strap that feels so good and comfortable when worn. I also like how the side of the strap gives a different contrast view.
  • On the front & back of the crystal, there’s a red logo applied onto it and it’s an image of a racing car without wheels, be it F1, F2 or even F3 as the shape remains the same.
  • Finally, this is exclusively produced in 18 pieces for each colour and a very limited edition indeed !

If you are race and sports car fan, then I am sure you would not want to miss out owning Zoomeister ! It will be available in IP Blue, IP Black and Stainless Steel case and comes with Miyota 8N24 automatic movement which offers a power reserve of 40 hours. This watch will definitely standout when worn and is a sure conversation starter… And if you are Singapore, do drop by TVG and check out ZOID and other cool watches there as well. Pre-order is currently available : https://tvgsg.com/collections/zoid and it’s going at S$1,280 (with GST).