curtis and co

Commonly asked question… “is it a Quartz or Automatic” ? That is the question everyone would asked before making the purchase, including myself. Don’t you dare deny this fact… it doesn’t matter if it’s a microbrand or a well known international brand, we need to know what we are getting for and whether it’s value for money or not.

It’s always the very first decision that most watch makers will have to decide whenever they are designing a new watch on whether to use battery operated movement or non-battery mechanical movement. The question doesn’t just limit to that, but to our daily life too, because whenever someone appreciates the physical design of a particular watch on your wrist, he or she or they will most likely raise this question to you.

It is a fact that we can’t avoid but what if we can have the best of both world in 1 watch ? And that is what Curtis & Co. is offering on Kickstarter today by introducing Big Time Passport, a dual time zone watch powered by both Quartz and Automatic movement. I stumbled upon this when I was going through my daily kickstarter ritual looking for exciting projects, and my first thought was… isn’t that unique ? isn’t that different ? isn’t that rare for a watch to offer ? But, wouldn’t this cost me double since it’s like buying 2 watches but it’s custom made into 1 ? Boy was I surprised to see the price… and what shocked me next was the brand. Well, to be honest, I have not heard of Curtis & Co. but when I tried google them, they are well established brand with many Hollywood superstars proudly wearing one of their many collections.

At this very moment I am typing this recommendation post, the campaign has met its’ goal of US$20,000 and with 16 days to go, there’s still early bird prices up for grabs ! With already an established brand in the market, price of US$299 onwards with free US shipping and US$339 onwards with free international shipping, with the specifications for the watch as below, I can’t see why this campaign has not reached its’ fullest potential yet. Could be down to lack of marketing to create awareness among the backers, but I feel it is worth investing on this in comparison to some recent new micro brands that failed to live to its’ expectation.

The Big Time Passport comes in 3 different version and each version comes with 5 different dial colours, which are as below :

And if the specifications and design haven’t convince you yet, wait till you see what is offered to the each watch backed as below !

What ?!?!?!?!?!?!? All that for US$299 / US$339 onwards ? Well… if you are looking for an awesome Christmas gift either for yourself or for someone special, then this is indeed something worth considering ! But you only have 16 days left to think about it though… Visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information.