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A selection of brands and stores that we at MBWW really like. If you have a web store you would like us to consider featuring here, please send an email.



A Sydney based brand that has successfully launched the 39a on Kickstarter. Check out their latest offerings at their online store.

Heritage and Hide


Based in Pennsylvania USA, Shane’s straps are all hand made and hand stitched. The skill and pride in his work is evident in every one.

You can order from his Etsy store and see more on his Instagram account, Heritage and Hide.

Regia Timepieces


A big bold bronze diver, the Armare Regatta from Regia is available in a number of dial colours, layouts and strap options. Get yours today from their online store.

Maison Celadon


The exquisitely fine crafted Celadon watches aim to showcase the craft of Chinese artisans and promote a refined aesthetic that challenges perceptions of Chinese made watches. These beautiful watches definitely succeed in that goal.

To find out more or to place an order, get in touch with the Celadon Concierge who will help you with providing information pre-sale, arranging payment and delivery, after-sales support and service, and invitations to Connoisseurs Circle events (C4 events).


RustiClub wooden watches

Wooden watches have become very popular over the last few years and while a lot of the Kickstarter ones have started looking very samey, these ones from RustiClub are very interesting, especially the Kamera and Lenzo collections. was founded in December of 2015 and provides stunning hand crafted wooden watches from artisans around the world. Our watches are some of the most unique out there today. These watches are very extravagant and make awesome gifts as well as conversation starters. Each and every watch is one-of-a-kind and authentic. Just like a fingerprint.


Tempest micro brand watch title

Tempest is without a doubt a micro brand pioneer. Until their very successful Kickstarter campaign for the Tempest Carbon, forged carbon was a material only found in very expensive luxury brand watches. Their well built watches are produced to the highest standards using only top tier materials.

Tempest has three models in its catalogue, The Viking, The Commodore and the Carbon.


No-Watch primarily specializes in single hand, single hand backward and 24 hour Swiss quartz watches.

Most models are limited runs and the fit and finish is excellent. Check out Bert’s review of the CL1-1212 to see what you can expect. Available from or or listed resellers.



Blacklist are all about fast cars and fine watches. Their first two models, The Phantom and Renegade were big successes on Kickstarter with a third model, the Streetmatic, on the way.

The Phantom and Renegade are available on their online store and you can keep up to date with Streetmatic news on their website.


Gavox have put out some pretty great aviation inspired pieces. My fave so far has to be the Avidiver. Check out their online store.

Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments

Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments

Gruppo Gamma is a one of the mainstays of the micro brand world and is very prolific. If you frequent any watch groups at all you’ve likely run into a few photos and happy owners, you may even have chatted with brand owner Naoki Tsukumo. Check out their latest best-seller the Bronze Vanguard.

Von Doren

Von Doren is a Norwegian watch company with an Art Nouveau aesthetic. Check out our review and visit their online store. Their pieces are limited runs so don’t wait too long if you like what you see.


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