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Monsieur kickstarted their 1st edition back in 2017 with a successful campaign (Monsieur ALLIAGE Series). This year, they will be launching a 2nd campaign on Kickstarter with the Monsieur RANOMO Series. (RANOMO – racing mono tones) Providing affordable watches with quality is what Monsieur Watches aims for with each series.

It’s a pleasure to revisit Jubileon with their latest offering, the Superellipse Chrono. After the success of the original Superellipse on Kickstarter in 2017, the team has been hard at work on this chronograph version.

New watch brands are developed all the time. Different passions help turn an idea into reality where the product reflects the people or person behind the brand. Giorgio Piola is a real person who has made a 50 year career as the top illustrator, author, technical analyst, television commentator and journalist of Formula One (F1) cars.

STOIC is a new microbrand, developed by Peter Speake-Marin, the original founder of Speake-Marin, a Swiss-based manufacturer known for limited edition high-end watches.

I always have a soft spot for bullhead watches especially when I had my first experience owning a Stuckx “The Bull”. This review is no surprisingly another bullhead model by Dart Watches, a new microbrand with a plan to launch its’ first model, Wahoo Chronograph on Kickstarter sometime in May 2018.