Our vision is to help micro brands become brand brands through community interaction.

The micro brand community is going from strength to strength and our mission is to be the premier site for watch micro brands by providing a space for brands and fans to interact with each other and promote new projects. We want to be a reliable source for quality projects that watch fans can trust will deliver originality and deliver on their promises.

We value originality, quality and especially interaction. That’s the whole point of supporting micro brands right? Being a part of the process and talking to designers directly. Our definition of micro brands is pretty simple. At its core its about crowdfunding, whether on one of the platforms like Kickstarter or through pre-order campaigns on the brand site.  They also predominantly retail online.

The brands featured here will be both established brands with solid track records and new brands that have been vetted by our community so visitors can trust the projects highlighted will be the best of the microbrand watch world.

If you are a brand owner who wants to be featured on Microbrand Watch World drop us a line at nick@microbrandwatchworld.com. Lets get started!