Photos have the magical power to make moments last forever.. I have been given the honour to write a review about TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 (AVL 2) watch which is a special timepiece amalgamating the magic of freezing time and a unique wrist piece. 

I personally fell in love with the TACS AVL2 at first sight, from the “lens cap” that came with the watch, to the dome-like crystal atop the 47mm diameter watch and the image of a camera lens woven into this time piece. The “camera lens” is also opened to reveal the heart of the watch! The details on this timepiece is simply well thought and it is nothing like what we have seen in the launch of microbrand watches so far. Zoom into the details on the bezel, the placement of the texts are similar to that you find on a camera lens. We can also enhance the “focus” by rotating the bezel like how we rotate our camera lens.

So now you don’t really have to own a Dslr camera, you’ve got a TACS (and your phone).

If I had gotten this TACS on a special day, it would definitely be a beautiful momento, capturing the special occasion and a constant reminder of the magical moment.

The elements of AVL 2 presents to be a good fit, from the weight of the watch, the thickness of the rustic brown leather strap to the patterned details on the crown. Further, the rustic brown leather strap preserves the vintage touch to the timepiece. If I could make a little request, the watch could be a tad lighter. Nonetheless, I have worn watches that are much heavier. It’s fine, no aches. 

TACS AVL 2 is fitted with a Japanese Miyota 21-jewel movement which I shan’t comment too much, considering, it’s reliable and widely used in the market of microbrand watches. This automatic movement means that we will only need to wind the crown for 25-30 times to last the entire day!

Ultimately, I love the design concept of this TACS timepiece. Something unique I would urge anybody to go for if they are looking for a gift for their special one.

TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 is priced at HKD $4290.00 or USD $550.00.