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Not many microbrands in today’s market are designing both watches and watch accessories as part of the brand’s product offering. Just before the circuit breaker (lockdown) started in Singapore, I got the opportunity to review a few of Vario’s watch accessories which includes 22mm elastic nylon nato strap, 24mm cordura single pass zulu strap, 24mm 2 piece cordura zulu leather oiled strap and a zipper watch travel case. I am usually not a big fan of nato straps, but ever since I tried Erikas Originals MN Strap, I have my doubts if any other nato strap brand can give me the same satisfaction as what I experienced with Erikas Originals. As you may or may not know, I previously covered their Empire Automatic watch and I really like how they are positioning themselves differently to the market with small size watches.

Before I continue with the review, I would like to share a good news that would be coming out from this review. It’s an 8% discount code created specifically for our readers here (MBWW8 – applicable for single item purchase, but if more than 2 items, the site will automatically provide 10%) that can be used to purchase watch or accessories from Vario official website.

So, let’s get down to business on what I think about Vario after a few weeks of strap-busing it.

Cordura Single Pass Zulu Strap

If I had not experienced Erikas Originals, this would have been the best single theme style strap I have ever tried on. This statement of mine is not coming from any sponsor or paid advertisement by Vario themselves. Truthfully, I really enjoyed wearing it on my wrist. The thickness of the strap make it felt tough and able to be worn on rough activities and extreme sports. From the strap specifications, it is made with 1000 denier cordura nylon fabric which is coated and densely woven. So, theoretically it is designed and made to be very durable and highly resistant to wear and tear even in tough conditions as mentioned earlier. The back of the strap is lined with cotton material to make it comfortable to be worn on the wrist.

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Basically I had this strapped onto Alessandro Baldieri Enigma Skull Bronzo most of the time because the colour olive green really suits a bronze watch case as you can see from the wristshots below. The thickness and weight of the strap really balance out the weight of the watch and that makes a whole difference in the wristwear experience. I really like how well the strap fits and snug on my wrist. The whole wristwear experience with this strap have been very positive and I really do highly recommend it…

2 Piece Cordura Zulu Leather Oiled Strap

The next strap I’m gonna review is similar to the single pass zulu strap, but the difference between them; it’s a 2 piece strap and at the end of one side of the strap has a combination of the cordura material with leather that comes with a quick release spring bars attached to it. I have it paired with TACS AVL2 and Alessandro Baldieri Enigma Skull Bronzo. The results, it’s like a pair made in heaven ! The colour choice I went with was the Army Green and look at how it matches with bronze and a stainless steel watch case. Similarly to what I have mentioned earlier about the thickness and durability of the single pass zulu, they are both the same except from aesthetic perspective, it has the leather element to it.

After a week of testing the strap out, I must say that it feels great to have a strap that is durable in all weather condition… except for snow, I had experienced light and heavy rain downpour and hot sunny weather here in Singapore with the strap and I didn’t have to worry about getting my wrist wet because of the rain or the sweat. The quick release spring bar is definitely a nice touch to complete the strap feature.

Elastic Nylon Nato Strap

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As mentioned earlier during the introduction of this review, I’m not really a big fan of nato straps because some straps are too long to my liking and some are too thin in thickness with bad quality material used. However, Vario’s elastic nylon nato strap is made from material that is commonly used by the Marine Nationale inspired straps and definitely a cheaper alternative compared to Erikas Originals. It is definitely much better than the market nato straps and the length for me is just nice without the need to re-loop back in, which to me is just weird.

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Zipper Watch Travel Case

Finally… the last item of today’s review is the zipper watch travel case. How often that whenever you travel, you want to bring more than a watch but not sure how to bring along ? Vario has the answer and in this situation, they have created a case that can fit both small and large sizes watch which offers shock resistance quality if you were to drop it. The case is measured at 125mm x 90mm x 60mm and has an “O” shaped cushion in the center to prevent the watch from moving around and at the same time providing a form of shock protection to it. There is also a compartment on the other side of the case which I can store small items to bring along during a short or long travel, such as additional straps, usb cables, earphones, and any other items that can fit into it. I like how semi-hard the case is which is good enough for any crush or shock protection during travelling.

I would like to end the review by thanking Vario for the accessories above and for the special code assigned for our readers here. Just a recap of the details… MBWW8 is what you need to apply for the 8% discount code.