nullStop… Hammer Time ! No… I’m not going to review “U can’t touch this by MC Hammer” but we will be touching (even though MC Hammer says no) on Hammerhead by Zelos. Let’s start off with a brief information about Zelos. Founded by Mr. Elshan Tang from Singapore in 2014, and till today, they have already produced 6 different models and the latest version currently being launched through kickstarter campaign.

Zelos is no newcomer in the microbrand watch industry, having sold out most of its’ previous models with an evergrowing fan base world wide and returning customers who can’t help it but to add more Zelos into their watch collection. I didn’t understood why lately there were too many Zelos Hammerhead photos showing off on facebook and instagram, which just itches me to get one… and like all crazy watch collectors would normally do, I pulled the trigger and bought myself one; a stainless steel black dial Hammerhead




Here’s what you should know about the Hammerhead before I write what the fuss is all about…

  • Comes in 2 version of case : CUSN8 Marine Bronze or 316L SS
  • Ceramic (1500 Vickers) or Full Bronze bezel Insert
  • High Double domed Sapphire with inner AR coating
  • 44mm Case excluding crown. 22mm Lug Width
  • 49mm Lug to Lug length
  • 17mm Height, 14.5mm excluding crystal
  • 1000m Water Resistant
  • Seiko NH35 Automatic movement
  • 120 Click Unidirectional bezel
  • C3 Lumed Screw Down Crown
  • C3 and BGW9 Lumed Bezel, Dial and Hands




Back to the review. I received the package on Monday and had the opportunity to wear it for a full week before writing this… and let’s start off from the packaging. It came in a custom made wooden box with a canvas roll-up pouch inside. Un-rolling the canvas pouch… my eyes caught first glimpse of the treasure beneath it, revealing each bounty inside, a brown leather with white stitching strap, canvas leather with white stitching strap, a stainless steel bracelet, a Zelos branded buckle, a watch tool, a credit card sized metal material warranty card and finally the prize Hammerhead. All in all, it’s a treasure chest worth a pirate’s effort to hunt for. Yarr Matey ! Well, 1st impression… I have never been so impressed with any warranty cards in my life, and Zelos has produced one of the finest warranty card I’ve ever seen. The attention to this minor detail (which most of the times are irrelevant to me) has surprised me indeed. The 2 leather straps are thick, professionally stitched and felt very well made. The bracelet is outstandingly crafted to fit perfectly onto ones’ wrist. The clasps on the bracelet are bigger than usual but offering an automatic adjustment for extension without the need of any tool. The canvas pouch itself can be used as a travelling pouch to bring extra straps or even extra watches.


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Onto the wrist appearance review. Having worn it for a whole week, from its’ original bracelet, swapping onto a denim nato and mixing it up with a mesh strap… the results : IT’S NOT JUST A DIVER WATCH ! It’s somewhat between a bold modern dress watch and an active lifestyle watch. As I have mentioned, I had it on me the whole week to various places; to work, to shopping malls, to pubs, etc. and in various dress code, the Hammerhead matches my appearance on different occasion.




Let’s drill down in detail what I thought about the Hammerhead :

  • Case : A very solid multi-dimensional shape built and carefully designed without any sharp edges (eventhough it looks sharp !)
  • Bezel : Loved the lume on it ! And the black bezel is a nice touch too…
  • Dial : Wished mine was the meteorite version. Anyway, I loved how clean the design is with the “Z” logo at 12 o’clock and 1000M above the date at 6 o’clock. I love the lume on the dial too !
  • Crown : Placed at 4 o’clock and with an engraved & lumed “Z” logo onto it. Did I mentioned I love the lume on this too ?
  • Crystal : It’s a high double domed sapphire with inner anti-reflective coating, but it doesn’t feel that domed to be honest.
  • Case-back : Loved the 2 hammerhead fishes engraved onto it. How I wish this had lume too…
  • Size : 44mm without crown; 49mm lug to lug is just nice for my wrist… I love how it doesn’t look too big nor too thick.
  • Lume : I just love everything about it !!! Check out below and you’ll understand why…


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Well, I guess my review speaks for itself. If you are looking for a divers watch, check out Hammerhead ! If you are looking for a bold modern dress watch, check out Hammerhead ! I believe the only version that is left available today is the stainless steel black dial, and you better hurry up because it’s a limited edition 100 pieces of production ! Shhh… I heard rumours Hammerhead v2 would be out soon, and I do hope it comes in titanium case & bracelet with bronze bezel, meteorite dial, swiss movement and a lumed case-back ? Wishful thinking… In the meanwhile, you can check out the current kickstarter campaign by Zelos that has already exceeded its target goal within 12 hours of it going live…


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