In 1989, I was a 10th grader and didn’t pay much attention to the news. I was busy trying to secure a date, get better at football and golf and generally act the awkward teenager. However, I do remember the wall coming down. It was a big deal. It was all over the news. The fall of Communism was at hand and the people of Germany would be reunited and free as a whole. Never did I imagine the physical manifestation of a failed ideology would be on my wrist. Now we all have the opportunity.


Pramzius is part of the Détente Watch Group. Their current offering is the new Berlin Wall Special Edition watch, available on Kickstarter. I had the chance to wear them recently. As a reviewer, I get to see and wear watches I’d never otherwise get the chance to. With this being a limited edition, I doubt I’d see one anywhere else. I’m glad I had the time. Their first watch was a successful campaign, and the current one is on the way.


The watches are unique in few ways. First, the hollowed crown has bits of the wall in it. The crown is a bit larger than normal for this reason, and it’s displayed. Secondly, the face is made of marble. The date window seems cut too sharp. Pramzius told me this is being addressed in production. This does add weight, but gives it a look that fits the theme. The last thing that I found to be special is the usage of graffiti seen on the wall. This has been used with permission. I did not hear any sound coming from the crown, which is something I thought about.

Inside the sapphire crystal glass is the meat. The face is a greenish blue marble. The next part is where you have your first choice. Do you want the Berlin graffiti or not? Personally, I prefer the art. To me, it means more and works better that way. The 89 is not a time indicator, it’s to represent the year the wall came down. The 89, hands and hour indicators have Super-Luminova on them. The Pramzius logo seems to be on the underside of the crystal. The case holding all of this is distressed stainless steel. On the side of the case you’ll find the serial number. These are limited to 1989 pieces. The caseback has an engraving of the Brandenburg Gate with the Pramzius logo. All of this does weigh a bit. It’s heavier than I like to wear, but I know many people like it that way. It wouldn’t stop me from buying and wearing one however.


The movement seemed to cause debate within Pramzius. They opted to go with a tried and true movement, not wanting to add a Swiss movement just for the sake of doing so. I happen to agree with this thinking. If I can have a reliable movement, I really don’t care which one it is. They chose a Seiko NH35 24 jewel auto with a date complication. The bezel has directional markers, but doesn’t turn. With the function is a screw down crown holding those wall pieces. I did find the edge to be a bit rough and could catch on material. I suspect this will be fixed in production.

Straps and bracelets are available with this, as are 2 case sizes. 42mm and 48mm are the options. I wore both, but my comfort size is 40mm-42mm and the 42mm wore well. A very functional case is here too. I could see myself using it as a travel case to take 4 watches, of which would easily be the Berlin Wall Watch. The prices range from $369 to $419, depending on sizes. I want to note I did open this in the presence of 4 family members, and they are not watch people. They all loved it and thought it was worthy of conversation. I suspect this will happen anytime it’s worn and gets noticed. The Berlin Wall watch is certainly a conversation starter. The Kickstarter ends on April 9th 2018 at 10:25AM EST.

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