Today’s review is gonna be SUPER… coz it’s all about SUPA… not man, but Diver. Presenting Advisor Watches 3rd model – SUPA Diver and currently scheduled to go LIVE at Kickstarter on 19 February 2020 with a starting price of US$429 onwards. Before I dwell into what I thought of the watch, here are some quick details about the brand and technical specifications.

I had the opportunity to review their previous model – Ascent Classic and Ascent Skull and the new model, Supa Diver Bronze is definitely a much bolder design as compared. I really like what I see, and even with their previous model, I know I have to own the Ascent Skull rose gold (which I did). And as you can see, the brand isn’t afraid of going bold and being adventurous in creating watches. So, let’s start the review of the new Supa Diver Bronze

Technical Specifications : 

  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Case Thickness: 14.5mm
  • Case Material: Marine-Grade CuSn8 Bronze
  • Lug Width: 22mm
  • Lug to Lug: 51mm
  • Bezel: Marine-Grade CuSn8 Bronze with 120 clicks uni-directional Matte-Black Ceramic insert
  • Dial: Double-layered
  • Luminous: Swiss Super-Luminova
  • Crystal: Domed scratch resistant sapphire with triple layer of anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating
  • Crown: Screw-down
  • Movement: Swiss-Made Sellita SW200-1
  • Water resistance: Up to 300m/1,000ft

Here’s my thought of the watch… 

Case : Firstly, it doesn’t feel like 44mm even though it’s measured as is. I guess it’s how the crown is placed at 4 o’clock position and how the bezel is designed with large white font and separated by a hexagon nut (rivets) giving it an illusion that it’s not really that big (44mm). Surprisingly it’s not that thick as well and I guess it’s because of its’ angular shape. It fits very nicely on my 6.5″ wrist as if it’s 42mm or smaller. To me, the overall top case design feels rugged, masculine and bold. One of my feedback to brand owner was to integrate a drilled lug holes onto the case, to make swapping strap easier. Other than that, when I receive the watch for review, it was brand new and after a few days wearing it, the patina has already started forming nicely.

Lume : I have to give this topic a separate review because it deservingly gets so from me… What do I have to say about the lume… well the pictures says it all, right ? With its’ large font size on the bezel, the inner ring, the hour markers, second, minute and hour hand all brightly lid up ! Not forgetting the crown where its’ brand logo lumes up as well. Overall, I would say this has a killer-lume… 

Dial : Not sure if it’s because of how the bezel was designed (especially the large font size), aesthetically it made the dial look smaller. I guess overtime you will get used to it. I really like the idea of dates to be placed either at 3 or 6 o’clock position because most of the time, it doesn’t affect the dial design unlike those placed between 4-5 o’clock position. I like how the date is sized similarly to the hour marker shape and size. Similarly goes with the minute and hour hand that looks like a syringe but matches well with the hour marker shape. Even the second hand has a square block to balance out the overall hands design to match with the hour markers. Kudos to the brand for such uncommon design but yet a well executed concept ! 

Strap & Buckle : I guess rubber straps are revolving these days and I’m impressed with the strap design that came along with the watch. It’s designed with a mix of honeycomb and a ribbed, padded pattern on both the short and long strap. Both the keepers were loose, which is a bummer for me because I feel a strap with 2 keepers, 1 should be fix and the other can be loose or they should just go for a single thicker loose keeper. Nonetheless, the rubber strap was really comfortable to be worn on my wrist. The buckle comes in bronze to match the case material and with a light engraving of the brand name onto it. 

My final thoughts… If you love or in the watch market for the following :

  • bronze case [ CHECKED]
  • dive watch [ is 300m ENOUGH?]
  • swiss movement [ VERIFIED]
  • crazy lume [ YUP]
  • comfortable to be worn [ TESTED]
  • affordable price range [ from US$429 OK?]

Then… look no further… this is the watch for you because it checks out everything above ! The prototype I had the chance to wrist-buse it before it went to other reviewers were spot on in terms of quality, design and finishing. Starting from US$429 onwards with such specifications, I don’t think you will regret backing this on kickstarter campaign and the only regret I can think of if you didn’t was… you are sure to miss out on this great watch ! So, mark your calendar on 19 February to ensure you get those early bird prices !