As part of our mission to bring you the best micro brand news from around the web, we sometimes link to other watch sites with great reviews and previews. Here’s worn&wound with a hands on review of the Cherwell by Marloe Watches which is currently campaigning on Kickstarter.

Marloe Watches Cherwell Kickstarter micro brand watch worn&wound


It’s funny what concepts brands will grasp onto to drive their designs and story. Sometimes it’s racing, other times it’s flying, often it’s just “this is what I was looking for”. Well, new British brand Marloe Watches grasped onto something I couldn’t help but find immediately appealing, if not a touch ironic. They wanted to, at least to start, make hand wound watches. They wanted to take a step back and do what once was the norm, and make classic watches with movements that need to be cranked to run. Sure, many brands have hand wound watches, but not many these days, especially very affordable micro brands, start off with that as a foundation. […]

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