Quartz micros often get bit of a hard time from watch nerds but I’ve come to realise they serve a valuable role for watch fans.

I’ve reviewed many watches here on MBWW but the iKi Studio A Series is the first that my wife has shown any interest in. She used to have this awful Michael Kors she got on a trip to Thailand, I tried to wean her off it with a Swatch Sistem 51 but it didn’t last long. Simply put, mechanical is not for everyone.

When it comes to mechanical watch collections this cartoon pretty much sums it up. The truth is most people can’t be bothered with the extra hassle of mechanical watches. My wife does a lot of typing and would take her watch off while doing so. Needless to say, springs do not stay wound on her wrist. For a lot of people quartz watches are more convenient. Also they’re more accurate, no weekly or monthly adjustments for the accumulated 5 mins too fast or too slow.

I think anti-quartz sentiments often come down to a bit of snobbery to be honest. There’s certainly space in any collection for a good quartz or two. In fact, my watch collection started with quartz watches and thats the valuable role I alluded to earlier: quartz watches are for many, the first step into watch collecting.

So whats all that got to do with the iKi Studio A Series? Well not all quartz watches are created equal. I think its important for a watch to have character, especially in this world of minimally designed Daniel Wellington clones. The A series does adhere to the “minimalist” school of design but I think they’ve created something with a little more originality than the usual suspects.


iKi Studio A Series



  • Watch diameter: 38mm
  • Watch thickness: 8.25mm
  • Swiss Ronda Powertech, Caliber 515
  • 316L stainless steel casing with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • 3 Atmospheric water resistant
  • Genuine calfskin leather strap
  • Quick release strap pins


The two colour combos work really well together, black with a black case and steel dial and light brown with rose gold case and white dial. While they both are unisex in design, they do lend themselves well to a ‘his and hers’ combo.

I found it quite comfortable to wear. The nice thing about quartz watches is they tend to be smaller and lighter than their mechanical counterparts. I’ve also been on a NATO strap binge lately, I find the thinness and softness of the strap to be a lot more comfortable than chunkier leather options but I didn’t find the calfskin strap to be uncomfortable at all. Matching rose gold and gunmetal steel mesh straps are also available.


iKi Studio A02 dial


The colour matched second hand is a nice touch. I like the use of circles, the round date window mirrors the puck case along with the smooth crown. I didn’t have any trouble with the crown but if your hands were a bit greasy it might be hard to get a decent grip.

I also quite liked having both minute and hour scales. My only criticism there would be that it would have nice to have the hour hand a little shorter and the minute a little longer so they better aligned with their scales.

I like this watch (or I wouldn’t have bothered writing about it!). I would buy this watch for my wife or sister, maybe my brother who cares about fashion. It’s an easy watch to dress up or down though I think it works better as a dress watch.

A 360 degree view can give a better idea of how the light reflects on the case. (it’s a pretty big gif so give it a minute to load)



The iKi Studio A Series is available exclusively from the iKi Studio web store for $199 AUD (approx $150 USD) with free worldwide shipping.