This is a long overdue review that I have been putting aside for a while now, but better late than never, right?

Stuckx dark bull chronograph

In this review, let me introduce to you all to Stuckx, owned by Stephan Trimbos who is a watch distributor for a number of micro brands in Europe. He decided to create his own brand, a new microbrand that took off a few years ago through the feedback of the community on the Watchuseek forum, that eventually led to the launching of “The Bull” via Kickstarter. The project was a success, ending with 267 BOLD & BRAVE backers (including myself) amounting to €108,864 pledged (exceeding double their expectation goal of €50,000).

“The Bull” is the rebirth of a 1970’s vintage design – the Bullhead Chronograph from brands like Omega, Breitling, Seiko, Citizen and others. Stuckx has updated the design with 2015 standards such as 200m WR, Seiko/TMI Chronograph movements and an original case made exclusively for the brand and designed with funky colour dial schemes. So, let’s get down to business… starting with the specifications :

What is The Bull about?

“The Bull” comes in 3 different type of Seiko / TMI movement, which are :

  • “2-Eye” Mechanical chronograph with automatic winding @ NE-88 (is wound by movement of your arm). With a smoothly running seconds hand at the 12 position, chronograph minute counter at the 6 position and central chrono seconds hand.
    This version comes with a see-through, display case back to see this piece of mechanical fine art.
  • “2-Eye” Mecha-quartz chronograph. Combining the feel of a mechanical watch with reliable quartz technology at its core. It has a running seconds hand at the 3 position, a chrono minute counter at the 9 position, a smoothly moving central chrono seconds hand and instantaneous fly-back reset. It also shows the date at the 6 position.
  • “3-Eye” Mecha-quartz chronograph. The same movement as used for the 2-eye, but with 3 subdials. It exchanges the date at 6 for a chrono hour counter.

Besides the movement, all Bulls shares the same specifications below :

  • Bullhead design, 316L Stainless Steel case
  • The case measures 42mm from left to right
  • Height is approximately 13 mm for the quartz model and 14,8 mm for the mechanical model (measured mid-watch)
  • 22mm Strap size (between lugs)
  • Brushed surface on top and the sides with polished edges
  • 20 ATM/200 meters water resistant
  • A uni-directional ceramic bezel with 120 clicks
  • A flat Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
  • A German-made strap from soft, supple shrunken leather
  • Custom made watch box with space for additional straps
  • 24 Months international warranty period

And finally, as mentioned earlier, “The Bull” comes in funky colour dial schemes totaling 12 different variations (4 x “2-Eye”, 3 x “3-Eye” and 5 x “2-Eye” NE-88 automatic movement). You can see all the available colour options on their official webstore.

So, what do I think about my Dark Bull? 

This is my Dark Bull Limited Edition with the original leather strap

Let’s start off with my 1st impression when I received the packaging. Impressed & overwhelmed basically sum up those 1st moments of unboxing. The box (the same as The Rock, another Stuckx model) – I’m happy that no matter which version of The Bull I paid for, I still get an excellent well custom made Stuckx box. When I opened up the box, there was my 1st bullhead watch…

Pictures by Stuckx – The bull packaging

Taken by that moment, I pick up the watch only to feel the softness of the leather strap, and you know those are high quality leather strap that Stephan himself QC’ed and handpicked for his brand. The case isn’t that heavy even though it’s 316L Stainless Steel, and how the bullhead design sits comfortably on my wrist with the dial so easily readable based on the angle it sits on. It’s amazing these little details that Stephan has thought through to ensure owners like myself would be satisfied and comfortable to put it on. I really like how the case has a nice curve when viewed from the side and the amazing brush finishing on the case felt while wearing it. Kudos to Stephan again!

What about the chronograph feature? Well, I can’t think of when or why I should use the chrono in my daily life, but it’s a nice extra feature to clock something against to when I needed to, but I doubt I’ll be using it frequently. It’s been nearly 2 months now since I owned it, and “The Bull” is definitely a watch for different occasion especially when fitted with different type of straps.

The Bull on a metal band strap

The bull on a mesh strap

What disappoints me about it?

Definitely the back case. Such a beauty on the front but a disappointment on the back, else it would have been perfect. While this is not something I’m gonna cry about, it would have  been appreciated if it had the engraving proposed below if the target goal of €115,000 was met through kickstarter. Unfortunately it didn’t reach that stretch goal.

The proposed Backer’s Edition engraving on the back case

Wouldn’t it have been cool right to have that on the case back? Anyway, for my Dark Bull version, the Stuckx logo is the only variant that comes in all black, whereas the rest came either in silver / white or black / blue with matching background colour. Nothing to cry about as well, but I would have liked it if the logo was in an orange colour.

Overall, what more can I say about it?

A very big Thank You to Stephan & Stuckx for making my 1st affordable bullhead watch. From receiving it until today, it has gone on 2 trips with me and 1 of them was on a very special occasion in my life, a wedding photoshoot. I had a tough time deciding which 2 watches I would be wearing during the photoshoot session, but am glad that I chose “The Bull” as 1 of the 2 watches. Need I say more about “The Bull” when it’s now part of my important moment of my life? Check out some of the pictures below in my 2 trips at Hong Kong and South Korea and hope you enjoyed my review of… “The Bull” by Stuckx.

Oh… before I sign off, did I mentioned that the Dark Bull is a limited edition of 75 pieces worldwide ? I believe there are some still available on Stuckx Store if you are quick enough… imagine owning 1 of the 75 pieces in this world for a retail price that doesn’t burn ones’ wallet and comes as comparable as any bullhead watch out there can be…

My favourite shot for now… Stuckx & Bruce Lee

A black & white moment by the alley in Hong Kong

A side wristshot view by the alley in Hong Kong

Who says Bull can’t have wings ?

The Bull enjoying a moment of peace and calm in South Korea

Wristshot moment during wedding photoshoot near Seoul Forest