This is going to be an interesting article as the watch I am about to review may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Thanks to Alex from TVG Singapore for introducing the brand (Achtung) to me last year and we have always been in touch on what’s coming soon with the brand as well as others that TVG brings in too. Luckily for me, just before I was about to leave on my planned family holiday to Melbourne & Adelaide, Alex was kind enough to share the new Shuttle for me to bring and wear it during my trip.

Let’s do a quick recap on my previous review of Achtung Aviatore and what this brand is all about. Achtung’s design is all about being uniquely different from other microbrands today by creating watches that are big, bold, colourful and every watch from their collection are produced in a very small quantity, making each piece a very limited edition. If being different and stand out among the rest is what you are into, then what you are about to read on may interest you…

Let’s start off with what I like about it… 

  • Firstly, it’s the cool concept of 3 timezones in a single watch. Reminds me of Diesel that produces various model that has 3 timezones in a single watch case, but it’s all on the dial which to me is too complicating to view at times. I like how Achtung designed the watch to separate the 3 timezones by placing the 2 additional timezone (sub-dials) onto the side of the case.
  • Even though the watch size is larger than norm (53mm), but because it’s made from titanium, it made the watch super light-weight on my wrist.
  • I like how the shape of the top bezel case that shapes like an octagon but with 4 sides being straight and 4 sides curving slightly. Each side straight side is bolted with 2 small cross recess shape (Philip) screw to give it a a balance to the size.
  • The dial design is an interesting concept to me, as it combines both small and large fonts of the hour index on the angled inner bezel. I also like the futuristic font used as well.

And here is what I think improvements or suggestions that could make this watch better… 


  • I felt this watch has the potential to become a multi-tool watch with the flexibility of add-on features / modules. Since the 2 additional watch sub-timezone / sub-dials on the side case is attached through 4 normal single cross shape screw, it can be easily detached and re-attached with another feature / module such as :
    • Compass
    • GPS
    • Calendar
    • Smart watch console
    • LED lighting
    • Toolkit (eg. screw drivers, hex key, etc.)
    • Camera
    • and many others that can be build into the same small dimension
  • I would have like that the other side of the case has the flexibility to add on additional features onto the watch to give it an option especially if it’s worn on the right hand, instead of left hand as that would allow easy viewing onto the side of the watch case.
  • Straps would be an issue here as there isn’t any off-the-shelf strap in the market that can fit onto the watch especially it requires hex lugs to be fitted onto the watch. I would suggest probably a normal lug mould (add-on module) that can be fitted onto it through the hex lug and the strap can be fitted through normal spring bar via this normal lug mould. An add-on optional module to be created as suggested above ?

Here’s the full technical specifications of the watch… 

  • Case material: Black IP Titanium
  • Case size: 53mm
  • Movement: Miyota Automatic Movement, Miyota Quartz movement for 2 sub time zone
  • Winding crown: Pull out crown
  • Case back: Exhibition mineral glass with laser engraved limited edition number xx/28
  • Water Resistance: 100M / 330Ft
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal watch glass
  • Strap: Silicon

Let’s dive into the details… 

Case: Like how I began writing this review, this watch may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I would have to be honest that when I first had this watch on my wrist, it gave me a “wow that’s big on my wrist” feeling. However, after wearing it on my wrist for the next 2 weeks during my family trip in Australia, it grew on me gradually and the amount of attention it gotten from the crowd, were all curiosity with positive feedback. Eventhough it’s big, it doesn’t feel heavy because of the titanium material used and it felt comfortable with the silicon strap attached. I didn’t like that it’s too thick to hide under my jacket but what’s the point hiding, when it’s all about showing it off to the world, right ?

Dial: Simple 3 hand watch with combination of small and large font hour index and additional markers on most of the hour index. Center of the dial, simple sunburst silver with multiple circles around it. I like the font used on the small hour index at the angled inner bezel where it showcases futuristic numerals (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12). I would have removed the date feature on this watch to keep the dial well balanced and create an add-on calendar sub-dial onto the side case.

Sub-Dial: This is where it got interesting for me, as I see there’s more potential on this watch than as is today. Not saying that as is isn’t good enough, but it has the full potential to become a multi-featured watch with through its’ existing design. Imagine making a normal analogue watch smart ? Imagine travelling to a jungle and you got compass, GPS, LED light, toolkit (eg. swiss army feature) and many others on your wrist besides just telling time ? There’s so many possibilities I can think off that would make this watch ideal for many scenarios.

Strap: When I saw how the strap is attached, 1 big question mark arises to me, which is how can I change its’ look ? The answer is no unless I am getting extra silicon straps from Achtung or it’s custom made with the hex lug and it has to be angled differently due to the lug positioning. However, if there was an add-on module that can offer normal spring lug, this would have solve my big question mark… Nonetheless, the silicon strap that came along with it is comfortable and fits my wrist nicely.

Overall, what do I think about it ?

I had doubts initially on the watch, as compared to their previous model – Aviatore. This was no ordinary concept, safe and easily acceptable design that Achtung was going for, hence the brand name itself is a Deutsche (German) word used to command attention, also implying “warning” or “alert”. I would definitely give my salute to Achtung for being brave and bold in creating a different watch concept in today’s microbrand industry. The watch itself calls for those who dares to be different, who dares to seek attention, who dares to defy and rebel against the norm. If you think you are up for it, look no further as this watch maybe the one for you to consider and even if this watch does not mesmerize, captivate, dazzel or entice you, I do feel that this brand has much more to offer including future models where you should be following them closely. Finally, I would like to thank Alex again from TVG Singapore for sharing the Shuttle with me and also recognising his brave and bold move to bring in microbrands that are definitely uniquely different from what’s available in the market today into his business concept.

I’ll be ending my review with some wrist shots with nice background taken while I was doing the road trip at Melbourne and Adelaide. Enjoy…