After my preview and introduction of Jubileon SuperEllipse, I was fortunate to meet the founder and owner, Mr. Kum Chun Wai on a rainy Sunday morning at a local coffee shop.

The meet-up was accompanied by a glass of ice cold milk tea for me to sip on, while having the opportunity to have a hands-on with Mr. Kum’s prototype version of the SuperEllipse. I’m gonna skip all the technical specifications of the watch because you can read ’em from my previous preview through the link above.

My first impression… a very stylish dress watch that is modernized from what is normally designed by other existing brands such as Tissot, Daniel Wellington, Seiko, Hamilton, etc. Why do I say so ? First of all… I really like how the case forms the watch (not the usual rounded shape), which was inspired through the iconic cushion shape (quoted from the kickstarter campaign, “The cushion shape can be mathematically represented as a superellipse curve, which inspired the name of the watch. In Superellipse, the cushion shape is hinted through the bezel, the caseback, the crown, the minute markings on the dial (although the prototype photos do not currently feature this), and at the base of the three hands.“)

Geometry definition of the bezel

I love how the 4 screws on the front case give it a tough, bold look yet maintaining it’s classy elegant style, similarly to well established brands such as Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Bell & Ross, etc. On the case back, it’s screwed down to the main body with 4 similar screws and comes with a sapphire crystal see through display to showcase the Swiss ETA 2824-2 Movement, laser-engraved “SUPERELLIPSE” on top and the running number for each case at the bottom.

I like how much details were put to live up to the “Swiss Made” requirement, starting with the finishing on the case; compromises of bezel, body and case back which is all made from medical grade 316L stainless steel, front and back sapphire crystal, the curve of the crown that matches the body, leaf shaped minute and hour hand, and most importantly, all that were mentioned are 100% assembled in Switzerland.

I don’t usually wear anything lesser than a 40mm diameter, but as time passes, the watch sits nicely on my ~ 6.75″ wrist but something bout it being dressy just didn’t turn me on. I guess maybe it was how I wasn’t dressed to match it (remember, it’s a dress watch, so a semi formal to full suit would definitely be the perfect pair for it). I decided to put on my 20mm Hadley Roma Cuff Band Strap to give it a try on how would it look like… the results, a semi dressy watch that goes perfectly well with casual outfit ! The way I like it… !

Wristshot : Reaching for the skys in Singapore with the SuperEllipse

Close Up : The beautifully crafted case with Hadley Roma Cuff Band

Another Close Up view from a different angle

Close Up Wristshot

Another close up

Looks comfortable on my wrist…

Overall… my only few comments I have for this Hands-on Review of Jubileon SuperEllipse are :

  1. The dial marking doesn’t appeal to me… maybe it’s just me
  2. Please come out with a larger case version 😉
  3. The lume is only on the second, minute and hour hand. Wish it was on the dial marking as well.
  4. Titanium case probably to add to the light and durability

Other than that… I think it’s worth investing and add this into the watch collection. My advice after a day wearing it around, if you are looking for a swiss made dress watch for under US$500, I don’t think you could go wrong with the purchase. So head over now to the kickstarter campaign and back 1 or more ! I’ll end this Hands-on Review with a couple of lume shots…