Nearly every week there is a new brand that is born from kickstarter, a fresh new breed of micro brands that offers value for money or designs that differentiate them from their competitors or sometimes both. Whether they will make it in the world of watches, I wouldn’t know but I do know that the demand for these sort of microbrands is huge, and I’m one of those who is constantly on the lookout for exciting new projects.

Welcome SCURO Watches

Taking this opportunity, let me welcome SCURO Watches, a Malaysian prodigy (pride of my homeland) to the Microbrand Watch World. I’m excited to have the opportunity to chat with the owner and founder of SCURO Watches himself, Mr. Terence See about his 1st launched model, The Model S Watch. But before I bore you about my conversation I had with Mr. SCURO himself, let me do a quick introduction about the brand, the specifications and how you could get yourself 1…

The Model S, by SCURO Watches

The Model S, by SCURO Watches

The lume shot of Model S, by SCURO Watches

The lume shot of Model S, by SCURO Watches


  • Case Diameter : 40mm Case
  • Thickness : 11mm
  • Weight : 40g (excluding strap), with Genuine Leather strap 58g & NATO strap 66g.
  • Case Material : All Titanium
  • Bezel : Unidirectional signature bezel (Titanium)
  • Crown : Custom trade mark Screwdown Crown with engraved S logo (Titanium)
  • Crystal : Anti reflective sapphire crystal
  • Movement : Japanese Miyota 9015 Automatic Movement
  • Dial : Swiss Superluminous index & hands
  • Strap Material : 20mm Nylon nato & Genuine Italian calf leather
  • Water Resistant : 20ATM/200M


SCURO watches is a new watch company with a simple philosophy: create a timeless dive watch in a super lightweight and strong titanium case that is powered by a high quality automatic mechanical movement. The result is a versatile watch that can fit in at the office, the beach, or out to dinner.

From the above specifications, you’ll notice one repetitive word in building the Model S. Yup, titanium is what Model S is all about, and it’s one of the very popular materials being used by many brands because of its’ light weight, (half the weight of steel), its’ durability, (5 times stronger than a steel) and its’ corrosion resistance. With so many benefits to using Titanium, wouldn’t it cost a fortune? In theory, yes but SCURO Watches is determined to make it available to us at a very affordable price through KICKSTARTER.

SCURO Watches have a very simple mission as a watchmaker, which is to offer no-compromise, timeless looking, titanium dive watch that is designed to last.

  • QUALITY : Build to last
  • AESTHETICS : Timeless design with a modern touch and contemporary materials
  • AFFORDABILITY : Premium in quality, yet affordable in price
  • VERSATIBILITY : Designed to accompany any outfit, occasion or activity

Interesting, but how much it’s gonna burn my wallet ?

Well… surprisingly for an automatic Miyota 9015 movement watch, fully titanium case with sapphire crystal and all that for under $300AUD (through the early bird special slots). They are already into the 3rd quarter of the total amount required to GO-LIVE and still with 12 days left (at this very moment I’m typing this intro review), I strongly suggest you to check out their KICKSTARTER campaign by clicking on any of the images or the keyword KICKSTARTER found anywhere on this page.

My take on SCURO? Not many new microbrands these day are willing to invest on a Miyota 9015 movement due to the increasing cost of the movement (majority went with Seiko NH88), but SCURO Watches is determine to offer premium quality and value for money to its’ customers. Need I remind again that it comes in full titanium case as well? On the other hand, there is no real showstopper, I’m usually a 44mm & above kinda guy, so personally I would have wish they come in 2 sizes 😉 and would love to see the option to have a mesh or full titanium metal band but on a 22mm width size. But this is just me… Overall, it’s really worth visiting them now on KICKSTARTER and pledge for it !

Ending my introduction review of SCURO Watches with a quick Q&A session with Mr. Terence See :

1) How did SCURO idea / inspiration / setup came about ? What motivates you to kickstart SCURO ?

The idea came from daily life style, I just feel that I need a watch that must be super light in weight but need to be in high quality & comfortable to wear, that’s where the idea came in :- titanium material, thin case, crown placement at 4 o’clock, automatic & off course a dive ready watch.

2) What sort of obstacles have you came across and which was the worst part of your journey ?

Worse part of the journey was the eligibility to start the project on Kickstarter but finally we made it there but still need support to get funded with 12 days left.

3) Who are your ideal customer ?

Ideal customer are like minded & looking for something unique but not overly design, it’s a real time teller with minimalist style.

4) What are your plans after this ?

After this, if we reach the funding goal, next model is for sure with a bigger budget.

5) Being a local Malaysian brand, how do you find yourself in today’s market competing with other more established brand or even with such competitive micro brands market today. What makes SCURO different to the rest ?

Being local Malaysian brand is tough to compete with other big brand, we try to do something different from others and as you compare to other dive watch in the market we are affordable, unique style & with a nice spec, we believe there still a market for it.

40mm case, which makes it suitable for both male & female wrist size.