Sharkfin are start-up watch designers from Ireland who also have an interest in EDC’s (Everyday carries) and will be launching a Kickstarter project in December 2015. Their watch combines a key item of survival gear with an excellent timepiece.


As Sharkfin developed the concept for the KS16 model that will feature in the project, they looked at what EDC’s were already out there. What they wanted to do was add a feature to something that many people carry everyday, a watch. A paracord strap was the perfect addition as it is a survival item already popular as a bracelet. The combination with a watch means that if you are a hardcore prepper, survivalist, bushcrafter, hiker or even if you have no interest in outdoors, you’ll always have something on you that will be useful in difficult situations.

The KS16 model is a watch with stainless steel casing, mineral glass crystal, 50m waterproof, illuminated dials, date display and a 7.5 inch military paracord bracelet with high vis threading.

The paracord bracelet can be adjusted with the velcro strap which eliminates a problem that traditional paracord bracelets have in not being easily adjusted. Sharkfin are ultimately adding over 100+ possible features to something people already carry everyday, some potentially life saving such an using paracord as a tourniquet or using one of the 7 inner threads as makeshift fishing line. These are just two of many ways to use paracord is a survival situation. If you search online for 100 ways to use paracord or 10 ways paracord can save your life, you will not be short of ideas.


Sharkfin is very big on community and is active on several survivalist forums and blogs. They have features coming up on Survival On Purpose on YouTube and UK Preppers Radio Network’s weekly podcast.

Sharkfin is offering a lifetime discount on their products for all newsletter sign-ups on their website. For more information on Sharkfin, Visit or follow them on twitter: @sharkfinwatch