Closely following on from the Hvitsten Christiana comes another excellent Scandinavian micro brand, (with a near unpronounceable name for my Anglo tongue,) VEJRHØJ.  After listening to the video on loop for a while I think the closest approximation is ‘Vair Hoy’. One thing is certain though, the NAUTIC collection is an exceptional offering.

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It all began as a Kickstarter campaign by a young entrepreneur, Janus Aarup. His vision was to create a unique brand for personalized timepieces that would inspire a new generation. This vision took shape as the brand which is now known as VEJRHØJ. The latest in the line of exquisite watches is the VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection. Inspired by the mysteries of the sea, this collection embodies the dual nature of seascapes – the serenity and the power. This unique collection is also the result of a fantastic collaboration between Janus and Bo Bonfils, a legendary Danish designer.

These two master craftsmen have used wood, stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass and Swiss timepiece components to create exclusive designer watches which remind one of old navigational instruments. These timepieces embody the perfect balance of tradition and modernity, combining ageless design with modern technology. These watches are also a testament to the long standing tradition of Nordic design, and every watch is crafted to perfection in order to complement your style.

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The timepieces in the VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection come with a 42 mm casing designed from natural hardwood and stainless steel. This perfect combination of nature and man-made technology is an artistic statement that embodies style, power and grace. The Ronda caliber 762 3H Swiss made movement ensures that no matter where you are, you are always on time. The watch is adorned by a genuine leather band which perfectly merges with the style and the statement of this unique timepiece. These watches are also waterproof up to 3 ATM and come with two years warranty.

You can choose from five different wood and steel combinations, and each watch comes in a premium dark stained bamboo box.

These unique micro brand watches are engraved with a unique identification number. The Kickstarter campaign supporters who back these watches first will receive the watches with the lowest identification number.

In this crowd funding project, if the makers reach the goal of 600.000 DKK, they will open a new reward product, which will be crafted from ebony wood and dark stained maple, coupled with a stainless steel gold finish.

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Since these amazing micro brand watches are crafted from scratch with unique parts (except the Swiss Ronda movement), it takes a substantial amount of time to deliver them. But the wait is worth it, considering the exclusive nature of these watches and the amazing design.