Through some of my watch reviews, I was able to build close relationships with brand owners and sometimes I get to be part of their journey. It’s interesting because I felt like I am having the first dips to see what the new design is all about. Today’s preview is from Trifoglio Italia, a brand that I personally know the owner himself, Mr. Alessandro Baldieri and a brand that always create cool concept at an affordable price. I met up with Alessandro a few weeks ago when he was in Singapore and he showed me his latest design – The Vault. Interestingly, it really is a vault concept, a watch that can store something precious but in a small size though. Example, a picture, pill, key, memory card, usb stick and many others that comes in the size that fits “The Vault“.

Personally, I had a view of the prototype on-hand and I have to say, kudos to Alessandro for the amount of effort taken into consideration to ensure the thickness of the watch (15mm) was not overpowered due to the storage space concept. The watch case is separated into 2 sub-cases, where one holds the complete watch component (dial, hands, movement, crystal glass) and the other a storage compartment. Both the sub-cases are connected to a single hinge but added reinforcement through a magnet that holds both together stronger. I have to say that whatever is stored, it’s very secured on your wrist ! The space inside the storage area has a depth of 5.8mm which can easily fit small size pills as shown below. I like how the dial is designed without any numerals but with shapes of round, rectangular and triangle to represent the hours. Overall, I’m impressed by the design, the concept and the built… My only feedback would be my preferential of automatic over quartz movement, but Alessandro mentioned that he chose Seiko VH31 quartz due to its’ slimness and durability as well.

Lastly, before I end my early preview of The Vault, Alessandro mentioned that he has already begun production and expected the watch to be ready by March or April. He plans to launch this through Kickstarter starting from SG$134 / US$99 (expected retail of SG$398 / US$295) with delivery within 1-2 months after the campaign ends. That means backers are able to get the watch faster than most watch campaign I know off. This just shows how confident is Alessandro and Trifoglio Italia are with The Vault and with their experience in previous successful models, I’m sure this is definitely a bargain not to be missed out ! Here are some shots shared by Alessandro for your reference.

Technical Specifications : 

  • Case: 41mm with Hidden Compartment, Hinged on the left
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Container Depth: 5.8mm
  • Crystal: K1 Mineral
  • Dial: Enamel with Applied Luminous Markers, Sweeping Second Hand
  • Movement: Seiko VH31
  • Strap: Italian Leather, Hand Stitched
  • Strap/Lug Size: 22mm
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM

Some Pictures of The Vault : 

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