Classically styled, the Cooper Submaster pays homage to the great divers with enough original detail to stand on it’s own.

cooper submaster military diver watch

Photo by Donald Evans

I recently spoke with Alexander Cooper of Cooper Watches to find out about his debut project, the Submaster military divers watch. Currently running on Indiegogo, the campaign could be in better shape but has strong potential for a relaunch with a bit more publicity. Cooper will one to keep an eye on in the future.

Tell us a little about yourself and your brand.

My name is Alexander Cooper, I’m 34 years old and I currently live in Stamford. I am a wristwatch designer, film producer/entrepreneur and actor. I designed the Cooper symbol myself; it was inspired by a military broadarrow symbol with a horizontal line through it to signify the A of my first name.

Who is your ideal customer?

The modern man who appreciates vintage style. Anyone who is looking for a beautiful classic watch which will endure the toughest environments with Rolex/Omega quality for the best value.

What motivated you to become a watchmaker?

Over the years I have designed and made many different products and I am passionate about bringing affordable well designed and high quality products to the end user. One customer said that my watch was similar in looks to the Rolex/Tudor Heritage Black Bay and probably does the same thing!

What are you working on at the moment?

The Submaster has some special design details that make it truly unique as a vintage dive watch. The two most noticeable differences are in the hands and bezel insert. The Submaster lacks a traditional Mercedes hour hand and instead has a broad and stubby sword hand, and the bezel insert has individual minute markers going all around the bezel, rather than just from 0-15. The other more subtle details are a full shoulder lug bars for use with nylon straps. Solid stainless steel case with automatic movement, black dial, screwdown case back, screwdown crown, 20mm lugs. The Submaster takes the classic Bond-approved styling of the Submariner and tacks on some sportier and more aggressive features designed to maximize visibility for military usage.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Hopefully with your help we will meet our funding target on indiegogo and go from there to grow the Cooper brand. I would love to get feedback from yourselves and from customers about future designs we have in mind.

Thanks Alexander! for more on Cooper watches and the Submaster please visit the Cooper website and social media channels.
Twitter: @cooperwatch81


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