On Sunday, September 30, 2018, dozens of independent watchmakers and vendors will exhibit at District Time, a free, public event where watch enthusiasts can try and buy a broad selection of watches that are otherwise only available online.

District Time is sponsored by the Janis Trading Company and organized by watchmaker Bill McDowell of McDowell Time, and blogger Loren Sciurba of The Time Bum. It will take place from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the District Architecture Center, 421 7th Street NW, Washington, DC. 

This is the third annual watch show Loren and Bill have hosted. Originally named “Microbrand Meetup” and it has become a destination event for mid-Atlantic watch fans. District Time is a rare opportunity to buy small brand watches, meet the brand owners and designers, and maybe even win one of the door prize watches.

Much of the appeal comes the fact that these watches are uncommon, but not unaffordable.  “Most people are only familiar with a handful of big watch companies, but the past few years have seen an explosion of boutique micro-brands making unique watches in the $200-2000 price range,” Loren explained. “You are not going to see these on everybody’s wrist.”

“Watches are personal items,” Bill elaborated. “What looks good on the internet may not have the same look or feel you when you finally have it on your wrist. Events like District Time allow watch buyers to get that hands-on experience.”

Dozens of brands and vendors will be there. Lead sponsor Janis Trading Company will display their NTH and Lew & Huey brands. Bill will have his McDowell Time collection. Other participating brands include: Aquadive, Caliper, Collins, Draken, Hager, Isofrane, Minase, Moduco, Montfort, Nezumi, Ocean Crawler, Sakab, Sartory-Billard, Tsao, Revolo, Ventus, Visitor, and Zelos. In addition, DC Vintage Watches will bring their inventory of Heuers, Seikos, and other timepieces from the 1960’s and 70’s. Little Treasury Jewelers will have an assortment from small brands like Bremont, Nomos, Mühle-Glashütte, and Perrelet as well as the exclusive Grand Seiko line. Watch Gauge will offer their collection of microbrand watches which includes BOLDR, Reverie, Elliott Brown, Melbourne Watch Co., and Mercer, as well as special editions from NTH. Watch Limit will offer new and pre-owned luxury watches from brands like Omega, Brietling, and Tudor. All attendees can collect a free copy of AboutTime Magazine and register to win one of several prizes such as Isofrane diving straps and watches from Vario, Scuro, BOLDR, and Nodus.

If you love watches and can make the trip to Washington, DC, you won’t want to miss District Time. See DCWatchShow.com for more information and updates.

About McDowell Time

McDowell Time was created by Bill McDowell in 2016 when he launched his first watch, The DelRay, on Kickstarter.  After that successful campaign he has turned his sights towards developing additional unique and innovative watches like the Maxton chronograph.

 Proudly based in Rockville Maryland, McDowell Time realizes the importance of high quality American craftsmanship. All of their watches are hand assembled in the United States, and they partner only with American strap companies. Instead of cutting corners and lowering costs by shifting assembly overseas, McDowell Time is committed to helping create American jobs and ensuring they are delivering the highest quality watch possible.

About The Time Bum

In 2013, Loren Sciurba launched his watch review site, TheTimeBum.com, from his Alexandria home. An attorney by profession, he is also a prolific writer and unrepentant cheapskate. While he appreciates watches of all kinds, he does not believe you need to spend a fortune to get a good one. As a result, his articles tend to focus on emerging brands and high value offerings.


For more information, contact Loren Sciurba and Bill McDowell at dcwatchshow@gmail.com.