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    Soetiv Watches

    Soetiv Watches - Decide Your Price

    Formed by watch lovers with a taste for understated elegance, Soetiv & Company started out on a mission to make good taste and high quality attainable to anyone, anywhere, without the inaccessible price tag usually associated with Bauhaus timepieces.

    We understand that it’s a big – and sometimes unequal world out there. We can’t change the world in a day, but we believe we can make a difference by making our products as affordable and as fairly priced as we can for all.

    Soetiv Nova 36mmAnd we are not just saying it. We mean it. Our approach is unusual, maybe even a little crazy. But it’s simple. We let you choose what you feel is a fair price that you would like to pay for our products.

    Our unique Decide Your Price selling model, along with the use of cost-effective but high-quality features such as Japanese quartz movements allows us to place our watches at more affordable price points. We believe that style and simplicity can go hand-in-hand, and can be for everyone.

    Explore our products at



    I heard of this brand name a lot, and I consider this as unique and a brand of modern innovation yet with affordable price. Thinking to get some of its low end styles and designs.


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