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My last article for the year 2019 was Master Diver 1000 by Neminus and the brand is back again with a new set of divers collection – Xtreme Divers which features 3 different dial variation; Marine Salvage Diver (red), Deadhead Logger (black) and Nuclear Reactor Diver (yellow).

If you do not know by now, the Internet and Kick Starter have radically changed the watch industry for the better. A perfect example of a very cool watch, inspired by a military field watch backed up with excellent modern technology and thinking, is the first watch from Mitch Mason.

Not many microbrands in today’s market are designing both watches and watch accessories as part of the brand’s product offering. Just before the lockdown started in Singapore, I got the opportunity to review a few of Vario’s watch accessories.

Before the whole covid19 / coronavirus epidemic went out of hand, I was lucky enough to meet up with Mr. Akshay Solomon, the co-founder of Audric Watches, a new brand from Singapore that would be joining the Microbrand Watch industry with their first Swiss made model – Seaborne 500 that is planned for 2nd June launch via Kickstarter.

There are so many newly revived watch brands on the market, it’s amazing. The secret for their success rests primarily in the internet that brings the world watch market to almost everyone with access. Rarely does a brand come back from the dead in its country and city of origin. Circula is an example of a watch company that has managed to do just that.

BOLDR Supply is a relatively new Microbrand from Singapore/Malaysia that started it’s journey into the watch world with an electronic smart watch misadventure. Through hardwork and determination they managed to recover and now the company offers six lines of watches; Venture, Expedition, Odyssey, Globetrotter GMT, Explorer II GMT and Journey.