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Man’s dream has always been to fly. And when he learned to do so, he found that he could quickly reach foreign countries by flying. And this caused a prime problem, namely, that of having to track time in different places in the world at the same time – for example, in our home country and in the country where we are at that very moment.

And so, someone – an airplane pilot – invented the concept of the watch that shows two timezones at the same time. The concept “landed”, making dual time watches popular. Shall we find out which are the best watches of this type?

The watch community have been very helpful to me when I first launched my co-owned brand Kaal Watch recently during the global pandemic of COVID19. As a watch brand owner, I felt that it was important to spread the word around especially as a new brand in the market and it’s no different with Timeless Watch, being a new brand launching their first collection, HMS.

It seems that the past few years within the microbrand industry, whenever a new brand launches, chances are it’s from Singapore. Hence, it’s no surprise today’s review you are reading now is a new brand from Singapore called Dailos.

Bronze cased watches have become increasingly popular recently and many brands and microbrands are offering models made of this wonderful alloy. It is primarily made of copper, tin and other metals (typically zinc, nickel, manganese and aluminum) along with some non metals or metalloids. Bronze (CuSn8) has many uses and is a welcome alternative to stainless steel in watches because the patina that develops on the metal surface actually adds to its character.