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The Peren Hintz is the 3rd release from Andy Bica. Staying true to the Transylvanian inspiration and heritage of Peren, The Hintz is a tribute to the work of Eugen Hintz, one of the most respected and successful watchmakers in 1900’s Transylvania.

Through some of my watch reviews, I was able to build close relationships with brand owners and sometimes I get to be part of their journey. It’s interesting because I felt like I am having the first dips to see what the new design is all about. Today’s preview is from Trifoglio Italia, a brand that I personally know the owner himself, Mr. Alessandro Baldieri and a brand that always create cool concept at an affordable price.

Monsieur kickstarted their 1st edition back in 2017 with a successful campaign (Monsieur ALLIAGE Series). This year, they will be launching a 2nd campaign on Kickstarter with the Monsieur RANOMO Series. (RANOMO – racing mono tones) Providing affordable watches with quality is what Monsieur Watches aims for with each series.