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The growth to which the watchmaking world has been subjected has amazed many, even industry experts. Above all, it has surprised the large number of new brands coming to the forefront of the global watchmaking scene. The phenomenon of microbrands, which are taking the place of the old fashion watch brands, is a growing trend, and events dedicated to them are increasing across the globe. And the launch of the Chicago edition of the WindUp Watch Fair is part of this ongoing phenomenon.

Haim Watch Company is a new Chicago-based microbrand launching the Legacy Chronograph. So what makes the Legacy Chronograph stand out from the crowd?

The Peren Hintz is the 3rd release from Andy Bica. Staying true to the Transylvanian inspiration and heritage of Peren, The Hintz is a tribute to the work of Eugen Hintz, one of the most respected and successful watchmakers in 1900’s Transylvania.

Through some of my watch reviews, I was able to build close relationships with brand owners and sometimes I get to be part of their journey. It’s interesting because I felt like I am having the first dips to see what the new design is all about. Today’s preview is from Trifoglio Italia, a brand that I personally know the owner himself, Mr. Alessandro Baldieri and a brand that always create cool concept at an affordable price.

Monsieur kickstarted their 1st edition back in 2017 with a successful campaign (Monsieur ALLIAGE Series). This year, they will be launching a 2nd campaign on Kickstarter with the Monsieur RANOMO Series. (RANOMO – racing mono tones) Providing affordable watches with quality is what Monsieur Watches aims for with each series.