We wrote about the Ensign from Deaumar Watches a few weeks ago as they were preparing to launch on Kickstarter. Now they’re ditching Kickstarter for website pre-orders.

Deaumar ensign all dials kickstarter watch

UPDATE: The Ensign preorder campaign was a success and is now available for sale. All links have been updated to direct to the Deaumar store.

Unfortunately Deaumar were unable to capitalise on their excellent offering to reach their crowdfunding goal. Brand founder Tony Villa has decided to go old school and is offering pre-orders on his website with the first 200 watches available at the extremely generous £135 price point.

In Tony’s view there have been 2 problems:

1. KS’s need to have EVERYTHING accounted for in the target,(which means I’ve had to assume “worst case” figures and the KS cut of the “worst case” figures, which has bloated the funding goal by about £15000)

2. A lot of people’s resistance / understanding of KS.

So by ditching Kickstarter Tony will be able to realise the project with an even lower funding goal and he has committed to personally funding the remaining costs after the first 200 have been pre-ordered.

So if you like the look of the Ensign and want to support a fantastic micro brand with one of the most passionate founders I’ve ever seen, head on over to the Ensign pre-order page.