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Every so often I like to do an overview of the projects that are doing well or deserve a closer look. Lets see what the crowdfunders have in store for us this month!

Hamtun Watches – H1: Grade 5 titanium automatic dive watch


First up is Hamtun Watches. They’re a couple days away from the finish line but its not to late to get on board. They smashed through their funding goal in record time with a very stylish titanium dive watch.

Current available pledges are 200 GBP ($245 USD).

MOTION – Unique Automatic Watch 10 ATM & Sapphire Crystal


The Motion by MANYEARS (many ears? man years? an unfortunate name!) has a very cool novelty in that the dial of the watch also acts as the hands. More precisely the hands are discs mounted in a similar manner to the Anicorn designs. The genius is that the discs are used to tell time as conventional hands with the minute hand creating a window through which to observe the skeletonised Miyota automatic movement.

Current available pledges are 159 Euros ($173 USD).

The Hourglass Watch


Another novel design, the Hourglass Watch defies description and must be seen to be understood. The best way to describe it as a flat cylinder with the hours on the side and a single hand on top. It’s a really cool design that’s worth a look.

Current available pledges are 1195 Euros ($1300 USD)

Bovarro-An Automatic Swiss Made Watch inspired by Apollo 11


Having more than tripled it’s funding goal, the Swiss made Bovarro has certainly found it’s market. The watch is inspired by the 1969 Moon landings and throws in a few design elements to tie it to it’s theme.

Current available pledges are $839 CAD ($630 USD).