Another month, another batch of new microbrand projects. Here’s a handful vying for your attention.

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Arête Watches

From the mountains in Switzerland comes quality watches and chronographs. It is our passion to find the a timepiece that works in harmony with the outdoor lifestyle. That enhances adventure.

We find it nessessary to focus on quality rather than quantity in everything we do.

“When Timing is Everything” is not only a phrase, it also means magnitudes to those that use our timepieces. That moment when a split second could mean the difference between exhilaration and failure, to keep pushing human limits, on the mountain, in the air or on the water, which ever far corner of the planet you find yourself.

Embrace the now

A solid Swiss quartz chronograph available now on Indiegogo starting at 352 USD.

Freedom To Exist

We’re a group of design-lovers who wanted to create a watch brand that embraced the beauty of simplicity, one inspired by the details that make vintage watches such a treasure and that would be sized to fit every wrist. Our watches are free from visible branding, free from unnecessary technology and free from gender rules. From the domed glass to the way that the hands line up with the markings, every detail has been carefully considered.

A collection of Swiss Ronda quartz watches with a tidy and simple presentation. Available now on Kickstarter from £70 (approx 100 USD)

Griffin Emblem

We wanted to bring to the world high quality, automatic watches at an affordable price. After 3 successful campaigns on Indiegogo and thousand of happy backers, we decided to launch a third collection of higher specifications and quality automatic watches. We improved the design, technology, some features, and also proposed our best design selection in more colors.

The third campaign from Griffin Emblem, this one has already blown past its goal of 15,000 USD. These skeletonised and open heart pieces are available from Indiegogo starting at 239 USD.

McDowell Time

I’ve always been interested in all things mechanical; which I inherited from my Dad, who possesses a natural ability to work on & fix just about anything. While I don’t have his innate abilities, I’ve been fortunate to share his passion of mechanized processes. This shared interest of machines eventually led to watches; the integration of finely crafted mechanics and fashion.

My love of watches was further fueled when my in-laws gave me my first luxury watch as an engagement gift. While I’ve always admired fine timepieces from a far, this present was the first time I could hold and appreciate a nice watch on a daily basis. A watch revolution then started in my life and I became obsessed with analyzing every watch I came across; critiquing the minor details which culminate to the overall design and feel.

The DelRay is the first watch I’ve produced, and I’ve spent many hours scrutinizing every detail, trying to make it perfect. This process has been a steep learning curve with many refinements along the way. Personal preferences vary greatly, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I believe everyone can admire the classic elegance of McDowell Time.

A little bit railway, a little bit field, the DelRay from McDowell Time uses a movement we don’t see all that often in micro brands, the Seiko YT57. This is a quartz movement powered by a capacitor that is charged by a rotating weight rather than a battery. You’ll get quartz accuracy without needing any battery changes. The exhibition case back is unexpected but a lovely touch for the unusual movement.

Available now on Kickstarter starting at 250USD.

Todd & Marlon

T&M Luxury Timepieces

Beginning of 2015 two Italian Swiss gentlemen questioned the belief that luxury should be inherited or gained over time. They then decided to develop luxury products for young people and this is how Todd & Marlon was born. Todd & Marlon leverage old craftsmanship to create modern pieces of art; being Italians they appreciate beauty and have an innate sense of style and their Swiss heritage injects precision and attention to details in all their works. The products they develop are custom made to suit the needs of the people who create their own future – the entrepreneurs!


Accompany people with an Entrepreneurial Spirit in their daily journey so to make it easier and more enjoyable.

The collection is Swiss made, designed by Italians and includes two models: the most peculiar is a 24-hour watch with a Swiss Made quartz movement and the most traditional is a 12-hour watch with a Swiss Made Automatic movement. I particularly like the 24 hour version with it’s day night cycle.

Available on Kickstarter from 250 USD.

Which one’s have caught your attention? Let us know what you’re backing in the comments!