I’m still relatively new at blogging, but I enjoy it. As a hobbyist, I get a chance to see and wear new and different horological goodness. I see a fair amount in Kickstarter form, and I never really know what will show up at the door. Happily, Moduco is another in a long line that does not let me down. However, the campaign ends shortly! This one will be brief so we can publish quickly. March 1st will be here soon, get one now!

Right away, the most recognizable aspect is the precision machined case. It stands out in a crowd for sure. I wore this watch for an entire day at Disney Springs. Of course, I always stop in the watch store when I’m there, usually sporting a review piece. This was no different, except, the salesman did a double take and wanted to see the watch. Since we are all a horology brotherhood, I felt obligated to share. I mean, don’t we all do that? It’s exciting to talk to people that share this passion. Ok, back to the case. This is where the eyes go, right away. I noticed it and so did others. The case is Stainless 316L, coming in at 44mm. When you look at it, the significant bezel screams industrial. This is due to the material brushing UP, as if it’s growing from the movement or even your wrist. The funny thing is I didn’t even see their Kickstarter page and the word “industrial” immediately came to mind.

They offer movement choices. I had a Ronda 513 quartz and Swiss made 26 jewel Sellita SW200 to try out. I wore the automatic most of the time, because hey, it’s an auto! The Sellita is tried and true, so I know it’s solid. An exhibition caseback is here on the auto and a nice brushed back on the quartz. On the face of the watch, the 12 numerals are raised, continuing the raising up feeling, almost as if a steel building is being built. The hands have Tritec C1 lume and the glass is AR sapphire. The case is solid, as you can see the defining lines. At first glance it would seem cumbersome to wear. It is not at all like that. It wears very well and doesn’t feel bulky at all. Those looks can be deceiving due to the material and brushed look.  This is all assembled to be water resistant to 100 meters.

The last thing I want to point out is the strap offering. They come with all sorts of options. Cordura, NATO, and stainless steel mesh come as options as well, but I didn’t see them. The ones I had were leather. I really liked them, as they made the watch feel well rounded. It all came together quite nicely.

All told, I wasn’t sold on these right away. However, after a few hours I began to appreciate the design much more. With so many Kickstarter watches, the designs are more homage than anything else. This does not feel that way at all. It feels like I’m wearing a part of some new age industrial design city where new urbanists rule the world. Yes, that’s an odd combination, but that’s what came to mind. If you act now you can pick up the quartz for $299 and the limited quantity autos at $499. Moduco on Kickstarter.