The past 2 years have seen a massive explosion in new micro brands launching on Kickstarter and 2016 looks like it will continue the trend with at least 25 active watch campaigns in January alone. Here’s my 4 top Kickstarter watches for this month.

kickstarter watches micro brand roundup


Nereid: The Captain’s Marine Watch by Tangramatic

tangramatic nereid argo watch

Tangramatic Nereid Argo

tangramatic nereid pacific watch

Tangramatic Nereid Pacific

Tangramatic have made a big splash with their latest model funding in less than 2 days. The original Bauhaus inspired designs of the Nereid Argo and Nereid Pacific are sure to be popular with the general public as well as watch aficionados. It’s a style that has seen its fair share of cheap quartz wannabes on Kickstarter but what sets the Nereid apart is the Miyota 842N mechanical movements and excellent quality of the original dial design.

The Nereids are priced from $285 AUD to $345 AUD (approx $195 USD to $237 USD) depending on pledge tier.


 The Mach Series by Ulusium

ulusium-mach series watch

This is the first outing by new brand Ulusium and they’ve certainly done their homework. This mechanical piece features an open heart Miyota 82S0 mechanical movement and a layered dial featuring an airscrew design. The distinctive hands also evoke the golden age of flying with their bladed design.

The Mach 2 series is priced at $330 to $400 depending on pledge tier.


Ventus : Black Kite

ventus black kite watch

Another Kickstarter veteran, Ventus are back with their second piece, the Black Kite. One of the men behind Ventus is Elshan Tang who also runs another very successful brand, Zelos. Where Zelos has focused on divers and avant garde designs, Ventus has focused on Pilot watches, bringing new materials to the classic flieger design. The Black Kite uses a a Seiko NH35 mechanical movement in a layered carbon case that is just stunning and brings to mind the forged carbon cases of Tempest and Magrette.

Priced at a very reasonable $499 – $569 AUD ($349 – $399 USD) these unique watches are going to be one of 2016’s biggest hits.


Sharkfin Survival Watch


We’ve covered Sharkfin before and they are now live with their survival watch. This one is a bit out of the ordinary for watch fans as it is aimed more at outdoor enthusiasts than watch collectors. Of course those groups are sure to overlap in a Venn diagram  and it’s those people who should be taking a close look at this one. The watch itself is a solid and reliable quartz powered piece with a highly legible white on black dial with a 12h and 24h scale.

The real draw for this piece is the paracord strap that is an invaluable piece of emergency gear to have with you. If you’re a hiker or a wilderness junkie then something like this can come in very handy in an emergency and it’s something to easily keep with you at all times if you’re a regular watch wearer.

The Sharkfin Survival Watch is a steal at £50- £65 ($70 – $93 USD)